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Username: WildPhoenix
Gender: Male
Last Online: 23 Jun 2020, 7:18 am
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 1:11 pm

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.Currently vacationing in Tigereye Peak. -v-
My home always has been and always will be Olde Foxbury.

Big dumb phoenix/dragon friend. <3

~My tumblr~

My name's Phoenix!
I'm an aspiring lawyer (public defender) and lifelong furry. Currently, I'm in a paralegal program offered by the local community college. Before that, I took classes for a general art degree, focusing on illustration. I... didn't get very far. :V
Ace Attorney jokes are welcome, but I haven't actually played any of the games!
Here, let me start~

I'm also the papa of a wonderful little kitty named Hope. I take every opportunity to tell her that she's my favorite cat. <3

If I could choose a trait to be my strongest, it would be wisdom without a doubt. It's my belief that kindness, as well as any number of other measures of goodness, is born from wisdom and leads to true achievement and satisfaction in life. Always be kind! :D

Also, take some time to smell the flowers! It's tough in this fast-paced world, but remember that humankind has always been inspired to be great by the natural world and all of its beautiful intricacies.

My fave animals (real and otherwise) are African lions, crocodiles, water monitors, snakes, birds of allll kinds, *d i n o s a u r s*, mountain lions/cougars, dragons, griffins, manticores, sphinxes (all kinds), and crocottas/leucrottas.
... that's a lot :V

The series I'm into are Digimon, Zoids, and Shin Megami Tensei. Also, Duel Monsters.

My favorite color bounces back and forth between turquoise (Hex: #57EBC0; RGB: 87, 235, 208) and cerise pink (Hex: #F92981; RGB: 249, 41, 129).

Currently, I'm:
Going to college. Classes rn are Environmental Science and Introduction to Informal Logic. Not so big into science, but everything I learn makes me more appreciative of the world! I'm having a lot of fun with Logic, though. It's tough, but I want to do my best!

I'm also slowly making and updating my OC's character sheets. Oh! I'm also working on a paintie for Corvus! He's the dragon dude currently in my avatar.


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    • Congratulations ...you've forced me to switch my active villager so I can violently fangirl over Corvus and how well he's written ....adhfasjkd

    • Which SMT games have you played so far? Besides SMTIV, haha.

    • (>wo)b I like your username! SMT friendo~

    • Thank you for the purchase :-D
      If you need anything else, please let me know

    • Thanks so much for the double sketch of Lixee! The colored one is so funny XD I appreciate them both!

    • Nice username! Im glad to see more Megaten fans on here :D

    • Thank you for purchasing my equipment! I hope it brings you many victories in the future!

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