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User ID: #38952
Username: Wormwood
Gender: Human
Last Online: 27 Aug 2017, 2:24 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 6:03 pm

Profile description

dark furvilla show me french

I'm a somehow lunatic 21 years old European. I'm drawing messy things and spend way too much time smoking black metal and listening to marijuana. You can find me on deviantart and tumblr under the name WickedWormwood. Also, beer. And black metal. Did I mention black metal?
Fluent in french and english, learning spanish and swedish.
He / She / Them / It / Whatever really, I don't mind.
The deviantart is http;//wickedwormwood.deviantart.com.

Want some unknown music? Have a random post from the music tumblr I run with a friend!
(If you don't like what you got, please try it again, it's going from several forms of metal to hard techno through jazz, original soundtracks, psytrance, punk, folk, country, trip hop, electro, instrumentals...)

Paintie art done so far : One recolor of the cat base that I really ain't happy with, a dress-up of a naked cat, one dressed up snail that will en up unused due to an error on the reference, and a punk rat for myself.
The snail base is Croc 's creation and the model is her character.
The naked cat base was made by dayne .

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    • No thanks, I've already seen it and don't like it, Besides, I prefer making my own bases.

    • Congrats on being the luck=y recipient of sleepy-pricing mistakes! That was supposed to be FD. *derp* Enjoy the potion! LOL

      I'm glad that you chose my stall of items from all around Furvilla from which to purchase your needed supply. Thank you for visiting! Check back regularly as I try to keep my prices low for everyone. ~^w^~ If you need anything please don't hesitate to send me a PM. I hope that we may do business again soon. :)

    • Thanks for purchasing!! =3

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