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User ID: #39808
Username: RarelySophisticated
Gender: Female
Last Online: 5 Sep 2019, 11:23 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 8:03 pm

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+ deviantart: RarelySophisticated + furaffinity: ll-MarcoPolo-ll + instagram: rarelysophisticated + twitter: commonlysimple +

Go ahead and add me as a friend!! :D I'm always free to talk

​"If I could mail you my love
It would burn inside the envelope"

​"The only thing I fear could be worse than losing you
To someone else, to incident or to yourself
Is for me to fail at loving you
And not give you what you deserve"

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Comments 52

    • I actually might be willing to trade Starlight sometime, so feel free to ask me about it in the future if you get the urge!

    • Dubstep OoOOO I looooove Starlight Deluge <3333 I'd totally be willing to trade for her one day. I also really like Eclair and Nightshade! <:

    • Yes, I think she's beautiful. ^^ Are there any of my villagers you would consider trading for? It'd be fun to know just in case we ever felt like it ^^

    • Dubstep Oh, my villager? ;0; I'd probably trade her, but honestly, I really like her because she's my first paintie. ;v;

    • Would you ever sell or trade Ribbon? I'm sorry if asking is annoying ;-;

    • yeah, that looks fine! ^U^ got a few comms going, but i'll try to get it to you within the week! c:

    • Kyaaa okie! ;u; lemme know once you've saved so i can delete! ^O^ also, what would u like drawn? :3c

    • @BlackCynicism I could have sworn I responded. ;0; I accept, with the addition of art. ;v; Your art is lovely.

    • Or if ur interested...I could add art. ;u; my current avatar is my art. And I have a smol shop via topics...:3 *dies slowly*

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