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Username: Lord_King_Ferret
Last Online: 4 Aug 2020, 10:34 pm
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 3:13 pm

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Formerly Emerald2000
~The user of too many exclamation marks~
I'm just a budding artist and animator with a love for object-heads, horses, and ferrets!
And also exclamation marks oops--

Starting the Ferret Kingdom in TEP

Forum Threads!
Take my Menagerie so I have more room for ferrets
I'm looking for Characters!
Horse Adopts!
Check out Vollites/Volleux!

Places you can find me (Though honestly I'm most active on here):
Toyhou.se Rogueidea
Mweor: &
Dappervolk: And (My referral link is here!)
Goatlings: Smiwee
Youtube: Scowlicks (Mostly inactive but I wanna get back into posting)

Typically, if you see Smiwee/Smiwee200 or Scowlicks, that's probably me. And I might accept currencies from the sites above (when applicable/allowed) for art and adopts!

My menagarie and toybox are always open for offers!!

2620-magic-sailor-otter-mustelid-plush.p Magic Sailor Otter Mustelid Plush
3876-magic-otter-sticker.png2377-magic-striped-skunk-sticker.png2379-magic-ball-python-sticker.png Magic Mustelid/Snake/Skunk Stickers!
641-paintie-ticket.png Paintie Tickets!
3506-digital-artist-button.png Art!
456-winter-ferret.png Ferrets!!

If you have any villagers with cool IDs (repeating numbers, numbers in a row, low numbers, etc) I'd be interested in those too!

I also like character designs or adopts! I prefer animals like horses, ponies, sheep, cows, etc. As well as rodents and ferrets, of course!

I'm in a few fandoms, but one of my biggest is Pokémon! I've liked Pokémon my whole life, and still do! My first games were HeartGold/SoulSilver, as well as a couple of the spinoffs including Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon Rangers (which I admit I didn't play as much when I was little :/)
I don't have a lot of my old games, but I have a few newer ones, including Pokemon X, Moon, and Sword, as well as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, Blue Rescue Team, Gates to Infinity, and Super Pokemon Mystery Dungeon!
My favorite Pokémon are fighting types, especially Hitmonlee and Hawlucha! My favorite team is Team Rocket, with my favorite characters being the Team Rocket Executives!
I don't have a whole lot of Pokemon characters, but if you have any you're interested in getting rid of I'd be super interested!

Paintie Goals:
Get me sona painties (still need to make Emerald and Scowlicks)
Buy/make Painties for the Horse Squad (Xalis,Detective Scruffs, Sandman Swift, Pipeline, Aurelis, Fortune, Fate)
Remake Box's paintie because it's bad :/
Give Enigma a new paintie/more painties or remove them... not sure

Personal Art Goals:
Ref sheets for: Box, Emerald, Scowlicks, LKF, Horse Squad

Villagers 45

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    • Oh, thank you!! I wouldn't have noticed XD thanks for keeping an eye out, I appreciate it!

    • Thanks very much for the trades, and no worries about the delay!

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    • Thank you for commissioning me! it means a lot.

    • Again, thank you so much! :D

    • Thank you so so much for the transfer!

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