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    • yeah blood magic is a bit dicey, but that doesnt mean merrill is a bad person. both merrill and morrigan- as well as all the other female characters (LIKE AVELINE UGH I LOVE HER) dont get enough love, for lots of gross and toxic reasons. i love all the characters so much, bioware is really good at writing characters.
      barkaroni is great tho too

      uuuugh i just...i got really confused. thought that i could convert from inventory, so i took all my candy out...hundreds of candies...and then i heard you couldnt so i just discarded them all...part of me hopes they allow converting from inventory, but if they do, i messed up big time :( im really confused by this event tbh, it took me like 20 minutes to figure out how to plant and carve pumpkins. didnt know the seeds were given to you and thought i got them thru exploring Dx

    • oh yeah i get the whole merrill thing. its too bad, considering how freaking IMPORTANT she is ugh
      i thought it was interesting, the contrast between flemeth in Origins and 2. in 2 shes just this regal badass woman, more than just a "Witch of the Wastes"
      on that note, morrigan is great too (i think i spelled her name right its been so long lmao)
      i honestly couldnt think of a better name for a mabari, especially in Thedas

      are you having problems converting candy into points? it wont let me, but im following the directions they posted...i need the space in my inventory eAe

    • oh yeah the characters in 2 are amazing. varric and fenris will always remain as some of my faves. merrill too! i love them all, and the debut of flemeth was AMAZING shes such a BA
      i honestly dont know how anyone couldnt like alistair either. hes just so freakin likeable.
      i mean come on..."barkspawn"....what a patootie!!!!!

      (fun fact, i accidentally posted my response on my own page...somehow...lmao)

    • that...is one thing im not looking forward to lmao. i always play mage too. i found that DA2 was really easy compared to the others...but i dont like not being an elf, so checks and balances, right? lmao at least the rest is cool. i can chill with alistair too, hes my main bro.

    • lol i agree! im sure ill be able to play soon, and all the waiting will pay off tenfold.

    • i would probably start over with origins, esp so i can romance my sweet baby zevran >O< buuuut i dont have any consoles or money to get them, so itll have to wait xD but i look forward to doing so

    • it is! almost all of my villagers are named after characters in the D&D game Curse of Strahd! A few are named after my own D&D characters, but my main theme is CoS.

      i havent played dragon age in forever though.....

    • omgsh thank you for the lanterns!!! (also i love all ur villagers names, i loooooove dragon age :O )

    • Thanks for the lantern and candy! :D

    • :O Thanks for the lanterns!

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