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Username: Sess
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 6:42 pm

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i'm doing poor mental health wise right now. As such everything is on hold and I am unavailable for the time being. Thank you for understanding


Sess|They/Them|Virgo|24|Slytherin|Chaotic Good|+1 Furvilla Time (aka EST)

not that it really matters in the grand scheme of things but i have some mental health issues (severe clinical depression, general anxiety disorder, as well as ptsd and bpd (both prof diagnosed (not that it matters))) and am also autistic
so if i come off as rude i am so sorry, please calmly tell me what i did and i'll fix it as soon as i can and/or apologize immediately

I'm Sess!! I'm 24 and feel so much older and younger at the same time rip. I tend to use very little capitalization and my friends can attest to the fact that i never use proper grammar if i don't have to.

i love all kinds of things! a short list would be steven universe, gravity falls, the walking dead, animal crossing, monsters inside me, and z nation all come to immediate mind! also pokemon, thats so good.

i also like random friend requests! i love them! talk to me i love you. ;u;
anywayy any questions or if you need any help hmu and i'll try my best!

one day i will return to dragonsmaw manor, until then i'll be a nomad :'>

Cali -- Doctor (in need of recipes! check which ones here or look below)
-5/5 Dragonsmaw Manor
-2/5 Oceandome
-1/5 Queztal Palace (2/5 recipes)
-0/5 Tigereye Peak
-0/5 Olde Foxbury (0/5 recipes)

Also an alchemist! (I require all ingredients and containers for these though. and in the case of the special species i need the FC to pay for it sorry!!)

-Knows all DMM Morphing potions incl. Wickerbeast (+HP Potions)
-Breeding Potion
-Cat Morphing Potion


Hanna -- Doctor (all recipes known)
-1/5 Dragonsmaw Manor
-4/5 Oceandome
-2/5 Queztal Palace
-1/5 Tigereye Peak
-0/5 Olde Foxbury

Need Medicines? Any I have mastered can be brewed free of charge for you, provided you supply the ingredients and container. (Unless you live in the Village I currently live in.)

Need one not listed? help me master it! I accept seeds, plants, and containers and am willing to trade the equal items!!


Saving for at least 1 more villager:
50,000/50,000 FC
0/1 houses:
Jester -- Jackal (Base purposes for paintie)
Raven -- Red Nosed Reindeer(+Paintie 130/250 FDs collected)

-Total Wickerbeast Potions brewed: 6
-Potions hoarded: 0

3/1503 Quest shards for Gembound Plushies (this is probably never gonna happen but let a cryptid dream my dudes)

until i can update/accomplish the following, just refer to this for more information about my villagers if you're curious!! villager name not here? then their profile is probably done!!
--Raven (Saving for her paintie ATM) - Shes a slacker with no real job. she likes animals though so maybe one day she'll work in the AH field, who knows. certainly not her.

hobie is rad
Krig is my flux buddy (and the one who did the edit on the image im using as my icon!!)

20170108_140548_by_sessklok-daup9r1.png(thank u for the FD anon, tbh if i could send it back i would, the text alone made my day ily)

Villagers 15

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    • Yes! Someone else on here that likes Steven Universe!!


    • blocked

    • Thank you for being a medic!

    • hah thanks! honestly there are still a few i wanna add though, i've just been slacking

    • i dont have anything to post here

    • can i be a member

    • GAY LORD

    • Thank you friend UwU

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