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User ID: #54890
Username: Hazmat_
Gender: Genderfluid
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 8:15 pm

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Huh? What'dya want? Make it quick, I don't like lollygags.

Zambazi is Happily in a Polyamorous relationship with his boyfriends, Scruff and Benari
Boar/Tiger Hybrid || Him/ His || || Androphilic
Check out my Art shop

Formerly Hoomble, Hazmat_
I am actually a player, but since I stick around the forums,
this is a better way for me to enjoy the site!


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    • No reason it's just life got me and I can't get on anything anymore. Enjoy it I know you can better than I could.

    • oh hardly haha there's people with 1000 already :P

    • *is aggressively nice so I get karma*

      a yes that's how being nice works :D

    • I'm so very sorry

    • Thank you!!

    • Maybe...

      But she so clingy. So has you been? Feel free to message if you want privacy

    • You sir



      I don't know. I just haven't spoken to you in awhile. So hey

      Like Heyman

      When you know you had a good morning when you find your kitten under your legs

    • No problem on that delay! Thank you for the trade!

    • Wow! Thanks for leaving an FD in the giving tree <3

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