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User ID: #10931
Username: D-Va
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:49 pm

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tumblr_inline_mojkc1rvYF1qz4rgp.gif tumblr_inline_mojkbyOVvd1qz4rgp.gif tumblr_m45twxYAB81qid2nw.gif tumblr_inline_mojkbyOVvd1qz4rgp.gif tumblr_inline_mojkc1rvYF1qz4rgp.gif

Please note I am not kin with D.Va from Overwatch, just main her in the game!
Current Tunes

tumblr_inline_nodwvcroaG1qid2nw_500.gif Hey I'm Rachel! tumblr_inline_nodwvcroaG1qid2nw_500.gif
rachiilala on goatlings

+1 FurVilla Time

If you buy items from my stall, thank you!!

I leave my computer on, so if it says I'm online but I'm not responding that's why.

Currently working on mastering Tiger's Eye Peak medicine recipes! Any seed/plant donations are appreciated and can trade for my QP stuff.

SenshiSilence is my bf and I love him to pieces. <3

If you have some time, why not visit Meka's house? We both thank you for visiting!


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    • gremlindva.gif

    • A+ buisness partner, Would Trade Again. ^^

    • thank u!! i like mother 3 a lot but it hurts my soul

    • oh my god that's so sweet of you to say 。・゚ヾ(✦థ ェ థ)ノ。゚・。 I love your username and background! Its soothing to look at and so pretty~


    • Aw, all of those guys fall under the category of characters i'd like to play as, but haven't yet.

      I know I've just seen it around online, It should be in korean?

    • Ello,
      Now I can't un-see Junkrat and Roadhog's Christmas vacation icons.

      "Honestly, I can't beat dad at Starcraft"

    • Thank you so much for the bunnies ^_^

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