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User ID: #56643
Username: Dubstep
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 2:31 am

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    • Your name is one of my favorite genres of EDM ^^

    • My man that is some dedicate reshiram collection
      Kudos to u


      <3 thank you they will join the pack in my gallery

    • Thanks >v< I dunno how active I'll be but you'll definitely see me around a bit! It's nice seeing you here as well!!

    • Thank you for the friend!!

    • Thank you ur so nice ♡

    • J e s u s-

      That's a lot of dedication. o_o

    • ... That is... A lot of Reshirams...

    • OMG!! QwQ ♡ It's really coming along, must be close to completion now for official stuff right!? It's clear that a lot of effort and love went into this collection ♡ and probably a lot of cash too hhh! I'd love to do this with some of my favs when I have muns! ;w;

    • Got it from the Serpent Battlegrounds, got like 4!

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