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User ID: #56923
Username: YesMan
Gender: Take a guess
Last Online: 25 Apr 2018, 6:48 pm
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 5:08 am


Profile description

If i had to describe myself, i would say Your Best Friend.

Interests: Bottlecaps, Playing Cards, Gambling, Nightlife, Old Time Media, The Twilight Zone, and more !

Dislikes: No Man (not very friendly in my opinion)

Ask me about gambling, most cases id love to place a wager. Other than that its mainly just for fun :^]

Music of the month
Tangled Up by Caro Emerald


[x]25 Cryo waste
[x]25 aurora ice chunk
[x]25 aqua magical gills
[ ]50,000 rusted steel
[ ]150 underwater skull
[ ]25 galactic slime
[ ]25 molten waste
[ ]25 ebony ice chuck
[x]25 gilded magical gills
[x]25 crystallized tooth
[ ]25 oceanic emerald
[x]10,000 steel
[x]25 toxic waste
[x]25 Toxic Cansycorn
[ ]25 silver wrist hook
[ ]150 skull
[ ]25 dark steel
[ ]25 oceanic ruby
[ ]500 gold anvil
[ ]25 bright sky dragon scales
[ ]50 shadow slime
[ ]151 poison skull
[ ]25 golden wrist hook
[ ]25 titanium lump
[ ]1000 silver anvil
[ ]25 shining sun dragon scales
[ ]149 icy skull
[ ]25 anodized aluminum tablet
[ ]25 light mythic tablet
[x]25 dark mythic tablet
[x]25 ashen meteorite
[ ]25 topaz feather
[ ]10,000 chocolate candycorn
[ ]25 ember meteorite
[ ]25 azure feather

10,000,000 FC

Contributions:only notable sums of FC may be listed
Ember Meteorite 1
Aqua Magical Gills 1
Bright Sky Dragon Scales 1
Crystallized Tooth 1

Toxic Candycorn 1

Light Mythic Tablet 1
Molten Waste 3
Oceanic emerald 1
shining sun dragon scale 2

Chocolate CandyCorn 23

MZZA Selfproclaimed rad dude (source needed)
Chocolate Candycorn 48
Molten Waste 1
Silver Wrist Hook 2
Silver Anvil 1
Shining Sun Dragon Scales 1
Light Mythic Tablet 2
Gilded Magical Gills 1
Oceanic Emerald 1
Ebony Ice Chunk 1
Azure Feather 1
Topaz Feather 1

Rusted Steel 208
Light Mythic Tablet 1
Shining Sun Dragon Scales 4
Oceanic Emerald 1
Shadow Slime 1
Bright Sky Dragon Scales 2

Light Mythic Tablet 2

Rusted Steel 140
Bright Sky Dragon Scales 8
Silver Wrist Hook 15
Oceanic Emerald 3
Aurora Ice Chunk 5
Shining Sun Dragon Scales 9
Titanium Lump 4
Anodized Aluminum Lump 1
Topaz Feather 5
Underwater Skull 1
Cloud Skull 1

Topaz Feather 1
Azure Feather 3

Anonymous Donations: 1
Poison Skull 14

Thx void fairy. Ill be sure to split it between the users once i save up enough to offer something reputable.

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Comments 384

    • but eventually you'll get a can of gasoline and no one will be able to blow it out no matter how hard they try.

    • Your new picture is very flattering~ ^^

    • April: The first day of the year where you can annoy the heck out of your friends. If its an elaborate prank, dont get tangled up before the big payoff.
      April 2018's Song of the Month
      Tangled up by Caro Emerald

    • Your pick for March's song of the month is godly <33 It's one of my favourite songs heh

    • They get used in ofb food though idk what else
      thanks for them though :3

    • Just a newbie passing by! Awesome villagers you got here! Keep up the good work and stay awesome!

    • Have one too many and youll be crazier than a March Hare.
      March 2018's Song Of the Month
      Liquid Lunch by Caro Emerald

    • Nono it's okay haha I just found it funny <33

    • Question as to why the magical cozy manokit price is so high?? I laughed so hard I don't know why, it's just amusing <33

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