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User ID: #56923
Username: YesMan
Gender: Take a guess
Last Online: 23 Jun 2017, 8:23 am
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 5:08 am


Profile description

HELLO chances are, youre here for a bounty.
I would love for the BlackJack site that doesnt require login, accessible on all smart phones, have the possibility to open rooms and have the ability to invite others for a game of BlackJack. Bounty is 105,000 FC and is still up for grabs.

If i had to describe myself, i would say Your Best Friend.

I honestly dont know what to add to my profile page after adding in this Ring quest... I had a few good ones in there as well.

Music of the month

Good Golly, Miss Molly! - Little Richard

[x]25 Cryo waste
[ ]25 aurora ice chunk
[ ]25 aqua magical gills
[ ]50,000 rusted steel
[ ]150 underwater skull
[ ]25 galactic slime
[ ]25 molten waste
[ ]25 ebony ice chuck
[ ]25 gilded magical gills
[x]25 crystallized tooth
[ ]25 oceanic emerald
[x]10,000 steel
[x]25 toxic waste
[x]25 Toxic Cansycorn
[ ]25 silver wrist hook
[ ]150 skull
[ ]25 dark steel
[ ]25 oceanic ruby
[ ]500 gold anvil
[ ]25 bright sky dragon scales
[ ]50 shadow slime
[ ]151 poison skull
[ ]25 golden wrist hook
[ ]25 titanium lump
[ ]1000 silver anvil
[ ]25 shining sun dragon scales
[ ]149 icy skull
[ ]25 anodized aluminum tablet
[ ]25 light mythic tablet
[ ]25 dark mythic tablet
[ ]25 ashen meteorite
[ ]25 topaz feather
[ ]10,000 chocolate candycorn
[ ]25 ember meteorite
[ ]25 azure feather

10,000,000 FC

Contributions:only notable sums of FC may be listed
Ember Meteorite 1
Aqua Magical Gills 1
Bright Sky Dragon Scales 1
Crystallized Tooth 1

Toxic Candycorn 1

Anonymous Donations: 1
Poison Skull 14

Villagers 17

Comments 303

    • Hey if using flash on your phone is a problem to play blackjack, try a free app called puffin! It will allow you to play any flash game (blackjack)

    • Heyyyyy~! I wanted to ask, what's your favorite village? :0
      I'm really enjoying Olde Foxbury but sometimes it just feeds my hypochondria by giving plague to villagers :')

    • I'm on a lot more now that it's summer break!! I havent updated my profile in a bit

    • Ahhh thank you for that post about me in the kindness thread :') im glad u think im interesting and funny!! You're super interesting, too! Ilike the old 50s radio man vibe you give off. Its kind of eerie, but cool!

    • Thank you for your purchase! I appreciate the support.

    • You're welcome! I was wanting to give away some of the smaller many items of mine that I had, since I'm planning on, sadly, quitting. Things are getting pretty busy on my end with all of the sites I'm on. Planning on selling some of the other items/pets I kept, though.

    • Oh no, its just an rp. XP It would be a really fun event for Tigereye though!


    • im finally not the only one who registered on the 6th

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