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Username: YesMan
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Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 5:08 am


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Random music of the month.
Simple minds, dont you forget.

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Art by anonymous tumblr user

ask me about a ponzi scheme

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    • Sharni is always happy to talk to anyone ^^

    • i'm good, thanks for asking. how about you?

    • (every time I see your tiny robot icon, I smile. It's really great)

    • Normally, I ask everyone who lets me ask a question, the following: What would you do if you found a nuclear bomb under your place of living?

      I think we both know how that might turn out, though, considering.

    • New Vegas is one of my favorites. Personally, I like to go with the NCR, but anything's better than Legion.

      I've been doing crap, but I'd rather not get into it all. I'm a total downer.

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