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Username: YesMan
Gender: Take a guess
Last Online: 24 Feb 2021, 1:45 am
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 5:08 am

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If i had to describe myself, i would say Your Best Friend.

Guess who is embarassing me with their profile

Interests: Bottlecaps, Playing Cards, Nightlife, Old Time Media, The Twilight Zone, and more !

Dislikes: No Man (not very friendly in my opinion)

Music of the month
Keep Your Rifle by Your Side by Dan Romer

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    • Ha hah, someone gets it!

      Your avatar rockin' too! 11/10

    • omg thank you sm >///< <3333

    • Ever have a taste for music and it just takes over your genre and you cant stop searching for similar songs?
      Its funny to think that at one point we all gone through a phase where we thought we were born in the wrong time. Ive been there too and for me personally i fell in love with the Post-WWII-Era, i fell in love with The Golden Age.
      The Age of Technology and Futurism. Refridgoraters running without ice blocks, Aroedynamic Cars, Radio that you can tune into moving pictures, Neon Lights, Sodapop healthy enough to be classified as medicine and the prospect of Total Atomic Annihilation.

      February 2021's Second™ Song of The Month

      Maybe Baby by Buddy Holly

    • The new administration of The U.S. Government talked about getting votes through executive order and said it is a dictatorship. With this admission and the head of the government signed an astonishing 42 Executive orders many of them promoting equity over equality. The dangers there are where there are perceived imbalances, there are actualized favoritism; all the more reason for contingency plans, localized governments over overreaching ones, and community development.

      Februrary 2021's Song of The Month

    • Happy New Years to you too, FurVilla.
      Id talk about the predicament were all in but Id like to start This Year off right and what is the best way besides celebrating each and every one of us and our inalienable rights?

      January 2021's Song of The Month
      Keep your Rifle by Your Side by Dan Romer

    • Its magical is it not? that despite how empty the shoppes are either from Christmas shopping or some other reason, that songs can still fill the air. This one time i had a Christmas CD that we used to always play on Christmas. Pops forgot to put it away one year and the darnest thing just happened. My siblings and I played that CD all throughout Not only December but through January and February too. After that the internet computers had a great development where everyone can broadcast themselves and we havent seen another CD ever since.

      December 2020's Song of The Month
      Gee Whiz Its Christmas by Carol Thomas

      Posted just now by YesMan

    • yes man is indeed yes.

    • I dont mind giving them to you though
      I only really use my stall for pets and equipment
      also im still collecting golden laurels so if youve any extra thatd be great

    • Did you not want any more candycorn?

    • I hope youre disposing of your Halloween JackoLanterns of properly or better yet setting them aside for composting, your garden and I would be very thankful that you did~
      I ate a lot of Trick or treating candies and i sure feel bloated... im not ready for The Thanksgiving feast ha ha

      November 2020's Song of The Month
      Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow by The Monkees

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