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Username: Growlithe
Gender: Female
Last Online: 20 Jul 2019, 12:42 pm
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 3:56 am


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Hello, if you're looking to buy anything from my store in bulk for a discount, I'm willing to go 5% off my stall price (the amount I would receive if you purchased directly from my store) if we perform the transaction through trades. =) Just send me a pm so I can set things up. :)

My main goal on this site is to complete my menagerie one day. :) Stuff in my stall would always be available to swap for FDE pets I do not own yet especially if they're retired (i.e: I might pass on an offer of an uncommon rarity pet if they're still breeding because I might breed some myself and I hate holding too many extras because they just take up so much space). But I'll typically accept SR offers in a heartbeat.

Feel free to drop me a PM anytime if you need help purchasing anything special to the village I'm currently residing in. I'll get it for you asap if I am online (depending on whether it is available in the stalls). ^^ If they're not stuff permanently in stock though, you might be out of luck since I suck at sniping. =S

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    • Aah. Actually that's happening to me too with the gif in my signature. Lol maybe the pictures are too big?

    • Did you draw the picture in your signature? It's really cute!

    • thank you! she is perfect!

    • damn i should have done a trade UGH ME COINS

    • enjoi ur cash

    • your sig gives me life

    • I just accepted the transfer. Thank you very much! ^^

    • Thanks for the purchase!

    • Thanks is due the other direction; nearly all of my pets are from purchases, so suddenly being able to get mastery over a bunch of species is wonderful!
      I wish you the best of luck in your hunt for whatever-it-is-you-search-for.

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