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User ID: #143632
Username: Yuri_the_wolf
Gender: Male
Registered: 29 Jul 2019, 7:16 pm

Profile description

Hello and welcome to my profile,
The name's Yuri Jaxis Wulf, but you can just call me Yuri

Male }{ He/Him }{ Gemini }{ Age: 26 }{ B-day: 6/13 ][ Gay ][ Happly taken ][ Ex-military


Yuri & Nova 12/20/2014

[b]I'm just a friendly Wolf looking for fun friends and to have a great time. I've been a Furry for a long time, at the age of 9

I'm a gaming furry on multiple platforms and easy to get along with. (PC, PS3, PS4, Wii-U) I'm a big-time fan of armored core, Minecraft, battlefield, and ace combat
Gamertag: SgtWolfen

Contact Info, if needed for artwork and other things.
[email protected] (gaming contact)

My fursona is a dark gray wolf with glowing blue makings with wings his name is Yuri J. Wulf
I'm always looking to make new friends and lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. Please feel free to ask me for anything, and don't worry I don't bite.

I do suffer from a lot of things that kinda make me a little shy at times and clam up from time to time or even shut down completely for days at a time. At time's it might be hard for me to respond to some messages from others. Please if I don't respond to you, don't get mad, I'm just having one of those days of feeling down.
Just to name a few things that affect me a lot: PTSD, MPD, ADD, server depression, anxiety, and worst of all schizophrenia.

Icon/badge by xXPleiadesPawsXx

Yuri & Nova's Tools and supplies shop is always open http://www.furvilla.com/stall/143632

CSS by TropicalDeer for CSS codes

CSS eddits by me with permission

Valued customers_____________Big time Buyers
flashwolf __________________flashwolf
Arctic_Raptor _____________KaiSkelyx
LunarwolfMoonPhaser _____Angelsyx
Varinis ____________________gaiaweylyn
Aviva _____________________Lie
KaiSkelyx ________________Drake_Valos
Drake_Valos ______________Shadowfox

FD goal 106/1500

Wish list:
The Secret Ingredient
Toothy tokens
Dragon Spikes
Amethystine Steel
The Legend's Armour
Iggy's Spooky Scythe
Armour Crystal: Agility
Weapon Crystal: Piercing Light
Armour Crystal: Endurance
Shield Crystal: Fusion
Seeds of any kind
Rusted Steel
Crystallized Tooth
Silver Wrist Hook
Puppy Poppy
Harbinger Hide

Villagers 15

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    • That would be. Amazing. I appreciate any and all help you can give me :)

    • aa, tnxx so much fo'the tip~<3
      ('n shoutout on ya page :0)

    • Thank you for the food, man

    • thank you i can now chance in mystic depths

    • while i dont need equipment badly, it would help me stand a chance

    • I don't need equipment badly, but it would definitely help. You're welcome for the battles. And I love your fursona!

    • No problem!!

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