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User ID: #50336
Username: Xaneas
Gender: Female
Last Online: 12 May 2022, 4:15 pm
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 6:06 am

Profile description

❅❅ Hello!❅❅
❅❅ My name is Xaneas!❅❅

❅❅ Artist ❅ 29 ❅ Furry ❅ Cosplayer ❅ Video game ❅❅

❅❅ +7h FV time!❅❅

❅❅ For commisson:❅❅

❅❅ Galery commisson:❅❅
14929.png?t=1470093587 24994.png?t=1481916898 26312.png?t=1483558883 26327.png?t=1483559097 26497.png?t=1483832466
27197.png?t=1484605861 27343.png?t=1484903058 27998.png?t=1485930124 29108.png?t=1488146999


❅Paintie Premade Sale❅

❅Paintie Premade For Sale :)❅

❅❅ My Trade/Sale:❅❅
Sale: CS for FC/FD

Gem for FD! 1:1

❅❅ I play:(Off Site Trading accept)❅❅
❅❅ gothicat world❅❅
❅❅ Furvilla!❅❅

❅❅ I stopped:(Off Site Trading accept)❅❅
❅❅ Eldemore❅❅
❅❅ Flight Rising❅❅
❅❅Pokefarm Q❅❅ [/url]
❅❅ Valley of unicorn❅❅


❅❅ CSS by:
snowflakeartist ❅❅

Villagers 14

Comments 39

    • Hey, I noticed you've bought a lot of plushies from my stall lately! If you need any more in the future, I'd be happy to sell you them with a bulk discount if I have them in stock :] Ta!

    • Thank you for your big purchase

    • Thanks for your purchase

    • Thanks for yet another purchase.

    • Thank you for purchasing my potion : )
      I really like your art and your css,too!

    • Holy crap, your profile is amazing!

    • stock up a huge hoard of flittens and let sora drown in them

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