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Username: Lilaka
Registered: 8 Jul 2016, 10:18 am

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female • ib student • big dreamer • #usa

keep those eyes on the stars :)

My younger sister (Pinkroses) will tend to use my laptop when playing FV. My older sister tends to play on her phone/on her own computer. We all use the same internet! Please do not ban us!

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    • Sounds like you will be having a ton of fun lol

    • I love Xmas, and the holidays, and summertime which it is here now :) But no plans for anything but my mum an I doing lunch together lol, my Big Brother will come down sometime early next year as he lives a 8 hour drive away, how about you any plans for Xmas?

    • I'm OK, how about you? And thanks for asking :)

    • Thank you for taking pity on me for such a dumb little error on my part ... let me know if i can ever do anything to repay you..!

    • No, thank you! What you are doing is very kind. <3

    • thanks!


    • that it is! That season finale of star thou

    • Thank you ♥
      I will get one sooner or later!
      And I will yell out my success over the forums x3

    • Thank you for the purchase :-D
      If you need anything else, please let me know

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