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Username: Rocket_Slacker
Gender: Male
Registered: 11 Jun 2017, 11:14 pm

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tumblr_inline_nqpxovgquQ1rq5cm5_500.gif Welcome to my page!tumblr_inline_nqpyco9su51rq5cm5_500.gif


Hey there! I'm 17 year old trans dude named Ezekiel. Mexico is my city. English is my second language, so apologies for any misunderstandings.
I like music a lot, specially EDM and some type of Indie music. However, Fall Out Boy is my favourite band (alongside Pendulum and Knife Party). Puppet is my favourite solo musician, and the owner of my soul.

When it comes to games, my favourites are Final Fantasy 15 (and most of the franchise really), Overwatch, and Shadow of the Colossus! I also enjoy most TLOZ games.

I love plants, centipedes, ants, robots, and planes. All my characters are robots.


I do art kinda, here's my Art Shop!

((By snowflakeartist))

You're Gonna Go Far, Kid - Killing Giants - Echo - Can't Go To Hell - This Love

if you give me seeds i will cry forever

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    • Thanks for the compliment on Eirwen! <3 they were a gift from dubstep ;w; I agree that whitefox's moths are very pretty. The Heir is very cool-looking btw! :o

    • Thank you for the art! I really like it!! :D

    • Hello! Sadly I won't be able to finish your commission ;0; Sorry!

    • Oh no!! We're going to miss you ;w;
      Thank you so much for the ticket though, I really appreciate it. We never really did talk much but I enjoyed seeing you on the forums so I'm glad it was mutual. Anyway, thank you again! If I ever get FR up again I'll make sure to add you. D:

    • aAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! That was one of the nicest comments I've ever gotten ;w; thank you so much

    • Thank you for the candy! ;//w//; Happy Haunting!

    • Konestly, i forgot about it too xD But yeah you're still on the list! Thank you for sending it :)

    • Thank you!

    • Thank you so much! It's adorable! It's greatly appreciated! ♡

    • Thank you for the compliment on Apollo! :3 It's greatly appreciated!

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