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Username: Taffymae
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:59 pm

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Hello, I'm taffymae thanks for visiting my profile! ♥

Creating art is my hobby and I aspire to achieve one of my greatest dreams — becoming a freelance illustrator! Its going to be a long journey and I appreciate any support you lend me. xo

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paintie commissions

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Comments 162

    • OMG thank you so so so much! I could not find the skeleton for the css so you're a life saver!

    • Ah, I made a few accents and stuff, but I wasn't really noteworth on FR ^^; But thank you! I appreciate the comment haha :)

    • Ah, thank you for your sweet comment on my Miu! I've just completed another paintie and it was approved recently ^^ Thank you again, your own painties are really really pretty, I'm in awe!!

    • I'm like.... seriously super jealous of your amazing paintie making skills. Keep up the awesome work!! I may not be able to aid much by way of monetary means, but please note you definitely have my moral support in your future freelancing endeavors! <3

    • Gorgeous painties <3

    • Wow, all your villagers are so gorgeous!! You do excellent work!

    • I saw your interest in my Anubis paintie. I must inform you, I did not make it. That would be the work of my friend Veikur, who made it (and another one that has not been approved quite yet) in exchange for one of my villiagers. I am glad you thought it was amazing, but I simply cannot take the credit for making such a fine peice of art

    • hi i love your painties and i'm wondering if u make commission for furcash if so i'd love to buy one

    • Yes I am :o

    • ur villagers are stunning!!!

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