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User ID: #68831
Username: Saberfiend
Gender: Eldritch Horror
Last Online: 25 Aug 2019, 11:53 am
Registered: 7 Dec 2016, 4:34 pm


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1 Hour 1 Minute ahead of FV time

"No longer a helpless slave to the mark of the divine"
Thy Art Is Murder - "Reign of Darkness"

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Useless information about me:
Artist, Writer, Meme Lord, Furry, Anime Lover, ENTP, Pansexual, Heteromantic, Aquarius, Slytherin, Targaryen, Stormtrooper, Metalhead, Tattoo Addict, I'll probably add more as I remember


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Oceans, mountains, planets. They all come and go in the mere blink of an eye. If we do manage to survive the combined threats of global warming, internal cooling, a dwindling magnetic field, asteroids, solar flares, rogue black holes, nothing changes the fact that our sun continues on an inevitable countdown to DEATH. EVEN IF WE DID MANAGE TO FLEE TO DISTANT STARS, THEY'RE ALL EQUALLY MARCHING TOWARDS THEIR OWN ANNIHILATION. TIME AND EVENTS WORK TO DESTROY ALL WE HAVE EVER COMPREHENDED - THE DECAY OF ALL LIFE AS WE KNOW IT! ONE REALLY HAS TO WONDER - WHAT IS THE POINT OF ANYTHING?! WHY CONTINUE?! WHY PROGRESS?! LIFE - EVEN AT IT'S MOST ADVANCED STATE - IS DOOMED TO NONEXISTENCE!! WHY?! WHY GO ON?!

Wishlist (Pasted here to help me keep track):

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    • Rotsuoy Thanks for the advice, nice to know I can do that :)

    • If people keep posting on your shop when you don't want them to, finish your shop posts and then ping the mods to ask them to come clean up the messages of people who posted when you asked them not to. Also, block people who stress you out. They don't deserve your time.

    • Toothy tokens, huh? Well i used to collect sun coins. Now i just collect skulls. Hild on i have a few tokens on hand, lemme send some.

    • YesMan Yeah :3 I also collect Toothy Tokens, but some people have asked me to find some for them so I don't have any right now XP

    • I know right, Isnt it amazing? Just a little collection just for the sake of collecting it. Souls of the damned too, neat.

    • YesMan I do indeed XD Not for any reason in particular, I just like candy corn X3

    • Impressive! I just realized you collect candycorn, amazing!!

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