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Username: Relic
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:02 pm


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Hello! I'm a 20 year old pre-veterinary student with way too many pets! I've been around since the first day of beta but I still don't know what I'm doing lmao. I love alfredo, my dog, my bf, and not much else. You can usually find me playing some kind of game, doodling, or stressing about whatever assignment is due that night.


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    • Ahhh thank you so much for the potion!

    • Thank you for trading stickers. :)

    • No one in particular yet, I'm definetly thinking about a kemono suit though!

      My main concern is finding people who make hooves though aha

      Although I'd litterally die to have the chance to get a suit from shadpoke, they've been my dream maker since I was like 14 or so! Sadly they almost never open for fullsuitss, and the only way to really get a spot is to aupport their pattern at the 50$ tier and I don't have enough money to pay 50$ a month for it + the commission fees :'0

    • You're very welcome <3 I figured I'd give you all of em since they were just hanging out in my inventory anyways :D Happy holidays!

    • Aww thanks. ;0;

    • Correct I will send you your prize

    • Is that a DS in her hands? ;0; <3 <3

    • Arkiger did such a great job on your icon. :0

    • Ahh thank you! noll made it and it came out so nice. I love the natural colors and of course, the birds~ The image on the left is of a lovebird I own named Shelby.

    • Sorry things got really bad at my house and i dont have much time to draw, so I rejected the trade.

      I did finish a headshot sketch so I'll throw it your way when I can

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