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User ID: #719
Username: RadioactiveAcid
Gender: Male
Last Online: 25 Sep 2020, 8:06 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:02 pm

Profile description

My old css broke so I have to make a new profile!

In the meantime here's some info about me:

-I use he/him pronouns

-My name is Zane but I would really only prefer my friends to call me that. Everyone else can please call me Radio

- A warning that I have a pretty bad combination of mental stuff going on and usually come across as being overly anxious, paranoid, and generally kind of crazy hahaha. I'm working on keeping it under control as best as I can to prevent any issues with others. This is also why I seem more closed off and introverted than before/ not as trusting as I used to be.

- If you ever have an issue with me, I'd really rather you contact me privately about it so we can work something out, rather than publicly. My telegram is the same username as here, so feel free to message me there

- The Prince Plushie on site was custom site item commissioned by me, and is of my Fursona, Prince. This was before Furvilla changed the custom rules to exclude peoples personal characters. Anyway, while the item itself is available for users to collect and use onsite for profiles and in game collections, I would rather you not use the artwork itself for painties or personal artwork and off site artwork and such. Since he is still my fursona and still owned by me, I'd appreciate you not making any designs based off of him, thank you!

3180-prince-plushie.png 3180-prince-plushie.png 3180-prince-plushie.png

Villagers 85

Comments 595

    • Ohjj i havent played for a year and i just saw your art today its awesome i love it!

    • Hey, so I had been thinking about making a worm on a string villager (or seven) and didn't know any were already made. So I googled "are worms on a string copyrighted" and the first result was your old thread XD Long story short, I'm making worms on strings lmao

    • Hi! I really like the first commission you made, are they still open?

    • Happy birthday!!! I hope you have a really good day :3

    • Happy Birthday!

    • I think that is normal, but still a good tip!

    • Hmm? Oh no, that is an Admin Mat plushie.

    • Oh, THANK you! I must have gotten it all mixed up in my head, thanks for letting me know! <3

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