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User ID: #76006
Username: Viola
Registered: 11 Dec 2016, 8:09 am

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SaltyBirb / Salt / Birb / Viola
I'm ok with any pronoun!!

Still trying to think of fab names for my bootiful villagers

*please tell me if I owe you art!!

css by @ Reav

Villagers 15

Comments 19

    • HONK @ bird boi

    • Thank you for all the lanterns <3
      I like your css

    • Oh, please only send 2500 in the trade despite the title, I've changed payment methods now for future reference :)

    • Candy must be shared at all times i always say~ ;3

    • ah! you've given me another! many thanks friendly peep~

    • Ayy! Finished your thing. I wasn't entirely sure how I could give you what you wanted, so I decided instead I'd make you a rain themed human and a forest themed wolf to see which one you liked more.


    • Thanks X'D Hideyuki is my fav boy! I even based one of my characters on him :'D

    • Thank you for your purchases~have a nice day~

    • Your avatar is the best thing ever

    • Omg youre welcome im glad u liked it! and of course you can! :0ccc

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