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User ID: #21410
Username: shadow1661
Gender: Male
Last Online: 29 Jul 2019, 10:04 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 9:12 am

Profile description

Need something?Tell me~Maybe I can help you~

And the villagers have their own profile~

Stalls News :

1.Moon become the Alchemist , now she will make many potion , did someone want them ?

2.If you want something,but the price is too expensive,you can message me and let we trading ~

3.Maybe Knight be boring to be a Blacksmith , he start go outside now .

4.Maybe Yake _ Rabbit be boring to be a Construction Worker , he start go outside now .

5.Saint become a Dutch Angel Dragon ~ ! Well , everyone still like him .

Villagers 10

Comments 15

    • Thank you!

    • Hey! How u said, i need something.
      One of my villagers, well, two of them, have something, and i need a medicinal gauze, but they are very expencive and they cost like 50 furdollars, Can u help me? I know that is difficult, but i want to know...

    • Thank you!! :> Likewise~

    • Very kind and neighborly of you to engage your customers like that! May you have a good day, too!

      It is worth mentioning that some might like their auction transactions to be cold and impersonal, however.

    • have a nice day as well!

    • Please don't repeatedly comment "Thank you for your purchase, have a nice day" on my profile. Thank you.

    • you're welcome :>
      ps, love the color scheme you have going for all your villagers

    • No prob~ Thanks mr. Beta tester.

    • your welcome ^^

    • You have a nice day as well!

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