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Username: Jey
Registered: 12 Dec 2016, 3:45 pm

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I enjoy picking out super cheap ramen flavours and instant soups. When I'm not making abominations like gravy pasta, my cooking's actually pretty good lol

Re-enjoying: Ajin, Harry Potter, and Gravity Falls

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My timezone is currently British Summer Time (GMT+1).

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    • Glad you asked! My signature was made by Raishiteru from their show me the beans YCH! They're amazing to work with and I totally recommend them. ' v'b I thiiiink they're still taking orders on Twitter?

    • Whoops I haven't been logging in frequently so I only just saw your comment - I have a DA account that I update occasionally!
      Your painties are gorgeous!! *_*

    • yes please add me! <3 and eh not really just because it's mainly trial and error for me when creating css. ;v; what kind of css were you looking to have?

    • ty! \^o^/ <3 your painties are some of my favourites btw! hopefully one day I can snag one ;v; hehe

    • You draw many cute things TuT

    • A Very Happy Easter to you too! <3

    • Another beauty has been approved <3

    • Thank you! :D I loveee your characters! they're amazing~

    • Ignore MY long post oops /) u (\
      I tend to spew topics after not talking to someone for a while ;A;'

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