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Username: FluffyFatFudog
Gender: Female
Last Online: 19 Feb 2019, 4:41 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 11:06 pm

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I'm a fat and fluffy. I'm old as dirt. I like fluffy things.

I mostly play to grind explore and tame pets

Have any questions for me? PM me if ya want them answered. See ya! :D


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    • I know the feeling. The day the event started, I was at work and I logged in to about 55 notifications and I was so confused lmao. The notifications about the event can really eat up anything else when you get bombarded.

      Yee! My Scarfox was created by a guest artist, but he's still an official one and I love him so much! Here's the auction listing, the one I got was Chillwave Cinema. I've drawn him a few times already myself, and I've had some commissions done of him. :D He's even a [url=http://www.furvilla.com/villager/258405]villager/url] here on the site, and I have a new paintie in the works for him!

    • Yeah, I've been having it done to me as well.
      Just part of the event, lol. People want the ectoplasm minipets and the only way to get 'em is bad karma.

      Also, I noticed my comments are still on your main profile so I thought I'd share with you that I got myself a Scarfox, the species I was talking about last time. o:

    • Thank you for the candy! <3
      Gave you a Jack-O-Lantern to fill up your doorstep. :D

    • No problem! Happy Halloween!

    • Thank you so much for the heads up <3 You're definitely not overstepping in anyway! I really appreciate that you told me that. I still wish I could get a photo realistic plush but I'll look into the crocheted ones for sure! Thank you :3

    • The artist's name is Shirubani on Toyhou.se and Deviantart. They quoted me a price of $80 for this piece, but I'm not sure if it's going to be exactly $80 or if it will come to more after the work is done. But either way, I'm sure it's going to be worth every cent. <3

      Hehhhhhh, they're a lot of money. The most recent one the artist made, that had an aquatic theme to it, was put up for auction with an automatic buy price of $800 and someone bought it almost immediately, so... The average price for them is around $400-$500 though. But I've heard that some auctions with no AB price have gone up into the thousands, not sure if that's true or not but I could see it. The artist lives, I think, elsewhere in the world from where I am so every time they post a new one I'm asleep or at work, and by the time I get to see it, it's already been bought up. :( But someday. I'll get my hands on one some day. >:O

      You'd probably have better luck looking off of FV for paintie commissions for Cheshire, maybe dA would have some good artists? Though, there are some good artists here too like Tashamon and Jey, but I don't know if they do that kind of stuff. Mieulinhtu might be able to do it.

    • That Blue Tail is lovely. <3 The Kirin and Fu Dog are nice as well! They could make awesome villagers some day.

      As for the Art x Me pieces... [Colored Sketch] | [Chibi Pagedoll]
      This one is a heavy WIP, and I did ask for the places to be switched so it's going to look a lot different when it's done, but when it's finished it should have a quality similar to this which makes me super excited. I've also got two more chibi commissions on the way but neither of them have been started yet so I have no further WIPs to show there. :( More artists would be nice but right now I need to replenish my funds lmao. I've got over $150 in pending commissions already and that's not including the ones that I haven't been given a price estimate for.

      Scarfoxes, yeah! Hang on. I'll show you some of my favorites.
      • These two
      This one
      • I REALLY wanted this one
      Sellin' my soul for $500 pixels
      • Look how cute these things are though
      …The closest thing I have right now is a print of the creator's own Scarfox, which I just paid to have custom framed. > 3 >

      Ahh, yes, Aywas. I never joined that site, though I did know of it.

    • It's a call centre job, not exactly glamorous but ironically, though the pay per hour is less than the medical clinic, I've been making more money every two weeks than I was at the clinic. And it's not that bad of a job; I get to wear my casual clothing and sit at a computer all day. Plus, I got the hours I wanted (late afternoons to midnight) so towards the end of the night the calls are pretty slow to come in.

      Yeah, I'm… in the same situation with toyhou.se lmao. Let's see... Some new additions to my collection that I absolutely adore are:
      • Micah
      • Gin
      • Link (who I made into a villager)
      • Zacharias

      I've even found several lovely artists who I was able to commission for artwork of Art and myself. I've already got two pieces done, and there's about three more in the works. One of which is a full painted scene, which is costing me quite a bit but I think it's going to look awesome!

      Speaking of adoptables and dA, you have no idea how fast I would sell my soul to get my hands on a Scarfox. Oh my god.

      Ah, which pet site? :O

    • Thanks! I got so tired of my plain black profile after a while. It's a nice change of pace. o:

      I'm doing relatively well! I finally have a job as of April 24th so I have money. Which, evidently, is both good and bad because I got myself a toyhou.se account and everything is so good.

      How about yourself?

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