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Username: Foundryside
Gender: Female
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 10:07 pm

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» ♀ || Ayreonaut || INFP || Rennie «

Hi hello. I'm Foundryside! Temporary name change as I'm sorting through a few things. Back to regular name soon enough.

I'm a space loving dog, concept illustrator & art historian.
I like Critical Role and Ayreon way too much, and my end goal is to live on mars.
I'd love to talk DnD or high-fantasy anything with you!

If you could see yourself through everyone else's eyes, you'd be blinded by the radiance of your soul. <3 - Chinchilla Fairy

I hardly make painties anymore, but sometimes something catches my attention. Hit me up if you'd like to discuss a potential paintie and pricing.

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    • Thank you so much for the extra lil gift, that was so very sweet of you aaa ;w;

    • Aaa thankyou for your very generous gift!!

    • Thank you so much for the art aaaaa i love it!!!!

    • Oh no not the background, I mean the box in the bio where his information like his name, gender, state of residency, etc. are in. But having the code for backgrounds is cool too lol

    • oh gosh, thank you for the gift! my birthday was on the 18th though ppft.. I gotta get back somehow.. you have a character you'd like drawn? :D

    • Thanks for the gift! ^^

    • Hello! Are your commissions open? <3

    • Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for the minipet, she is perfect!!!

    • *Puts phone to face and attempts to send good vibes through the interwebs through concentration*[/center]

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