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User ID: #7643
Username: Mewzia
Gender: Female
Last Online: 11 Nov 2019, 6:28 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:34 pm

Profile description

[Tumblr] [Furaffinity] [Paintberri]

I am currently in classes and not online frequently

Personal Goals/Wishlist (Literally just so I don't forget):
- Fluffy Costume Recipe
Oh my god, thank you, anonymous gift-giver. ;_; Please feel free to message me off anon, I am like 99% confident you're a Transformice player that I talked with a lot but I'm really terrible with names!! Feel free to also add me as a friend if you wish. <3 ;_;
- Sorcerer Costume (Cat) (x1 - 2) [1/2 obtained]
-Figure out how to do CSS things with the various parts of profiles. ;_; Noooo clue how to do anything with CSS.

FD Goals:
- Create Galaxy Costume Paintie for Claire [Not Started]
- Create Sorcerer Costume Paintie [Not Started]
- Create Shifty Paintie [In Progress ish}
God I'm so lazy with art stuffs

Breeding Pair Wishlist:
- Pair of Whales (1/2)

Important Breeding Pair Dates:
- Black Witchies: March 25th
- Gold Fennec Foxes: March 25th
- Yellow Corgis: March 25th

Personal reminder: Red Arcty and Aurora Ping belong to DualFelines
- Red Arcty returned!

List of AH Villagers:
Frostgem, Aurora, Dovy, Jingles, Sincerity, Amuerte, Luna, and Mystique.

Angel - Doctor
Frostgem - Explorer
Dovy - AH
Theme made by Satsukii

Villagers 24

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    • I totally broke the link, I'm sorry x.x

    • Hello! I just wanted to thank you for the compliment on my signature ♡ I would have pinged you in the thread but I saw it hours later so I didn't know if it would be weird haha. They were actually put together by [url=asexuall-y.deviantart.com]Asexua-lly[/url] on Deviantart ,though, so I can't claim all the credit. ;v; they have lots of nice ones, though!

    • Thank you so so much for the shields omg!! <3 ;___;

    • I like your Name and Avatar! (I saw you from Vulpes' s Movie night btw)

    • :D

    • aAAYYYYY, what's up?? =) It's always nice to see familiar faces out and about. Thanks for the compliment on the names! It is what was in my heart at the time haha ='D

    • whoop! Guess those comment pings don't quite work. >_< sorry I missed the reply!
      Thank you, tho! ;w; I definitely recognize your icon, hehe.

    • Ehe, I recognize you! I follow at least one of your tumblr blogs. Your work is wonderful!! ( FuzziMutt ? I dunno if that works in comments like it did the forums and I dunno if there's an edit for these so WELLP..)

    • *squints... waves!* Don't I know you from somewhere? 8D

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