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User ID: #77747
Username: Spasssow
Gender: Female
Registered: 13 Dec 2016, 9:44 am

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Hello. I am Spassow on Flightrising.:)

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    • Did I ever answer your question? If not, my apologies. Yes, this is Pesticide from FR :)

    • 是的 欢迎欢迎

    • 哦 原来是你!

    • Ahh, one of my favorite artist :D <3

    • aww, thank you too! ah, looks like you need more inventory space for me to accept the trade though. can you move things around, or i can resend it in parts?

    • alright, good luck! xd and i'll send some animals i have extras of~

    • To snowy: I may reply you tomorrow if any message!~( I am going to sleep>3<

    • yeah, i joined when it was in beta! aw, do you want some FD so you can change your name?

    • oh hey! are you spassow on FR? it's snowy

    • One too many 's' huh? lol, yeah i got here day one! It's been fun.

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