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Username: Cryssu
Gender: Female
Registered: 31 Dec 2016, 12:07 pm

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My name is Cryssu. <3

My pronouns are she/her, but they/them is also alright. I am in my late-twenties, pan, and married to Chuuch

I am chronically ill (as well as having chronic pain) and very shy/sensitive, so forgive me if I shy away! I am happiest when I am creating art, and spending time with my husband, with whom I am inseparable. <3

I do not identify as furry, but I love any site with cute animals. >w>

Please have a lovely day!

PS: I love puns and Pokemon. Especially puns /about/ Pokemon.

Saving up for an Amethyst Gembound for my birthday! (02/28) n-n Also hoping to save for two painties (one for myself and one for Chuuch) of our cat for his 10th birthday (02/15) wish me luck! <3

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    • Helloooo!


    • OH MY GOSH THANK YOU~!! QwQ It's so beautiful, and I really really appreciate it~! I have no words to capture the gratitude I have for your gift and your kind words, and really just for showing support with my fortunes and what I do~! It honestly means a lot because it makes me so incredibly happy when others are brought joy and happiness~!
      I really love your style, and you really captured Lullaby's charm~! I'll treasure this~!

    • February friend! I'm feb 14th!

    • It's very touch and go right now unfortunately. I'm not able to sit for very long but I'm working on the Lore for my Wickerbabes. >w< So that's fun.

    • Thank you for the 'bad' art! Such a wonderful savage tiger, ready to pounce the locals.

      Oh say, Since you got skipped, i'll send you a lovely bonus picture of Church's cinnamon pepper dog dancing to disco. ^_^.

    • Alright, I got a PokePun. "What did Mimikyu say when he was flirting?" "Oh no, what?" "You're Mimikyute." I'm not sure if it's worded right ;;

    • No, you can keep them. I got plenty.

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