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User ID: #44744
Username: Akamina-Etu
Gender: Bigender
Last Online: 12 Nov 2020, 7:32 pm
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 12:43 pm

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Hello everyfur!! My name is Akamina-Etu and I am an artist and long-time video gamer!!


Please feel free to ask me for a commission (For a paintie or otherwise). Yes, that's all my art in the background. :3

Fur Affinity NSFW ART: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/blakeblazer/

I am the creator of the Wickerkin and subsequent species Wickling, Candelitty, RoarLight, WickWulf, DripDog, WereWick, Kindling Eggs, & the MeltyMaw!

Visit my Paintie Shop for Adoptions!!




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    • Your Wickerkin are amazing!

    • do you have a toyhouse account?

    • if i had a paypal or something i'd probably give you money towards the surgery -w-

    • Are you feeling ok today? just checking in

    • Nvm xD spent most my FD I only have 20 left but I guess since I already asked I'll buy it at your stall price it's a little more expensive then the other 2 or 3 but thank you ^^

    • Would you be willing to sell you magic coyote plush for fd and If so how much.

    • XD I like your name too but when I see Akamina-Etu I see Also known as Mina- and you
      Thanks. I don't know if my species will ever get on here but I hope so (I can draw somewhat I just can shade and who makes a flame without shadows being cast) ^^ If I ever get my scanner to work I'll show you some of my rough sketches.

    • Will it bother you that I have semi-similar species to your wicklings although mine have an evolution similar to a Phoenix I see eggs on your profile so Iḿ assuming yours come from eggs mine don't. and they're not made out of wax and flame. The flame heads are the only similarity.

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