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User ID: #88716
Username: Snowshoyu
Gender: Genderless
Last Online: 21 Oct 2019, 6:51 am
Registered: 26 Feb 2017, 9:01 pm


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[center]=3 I agknowlage what you said/did and it was good
=D that's awesome!!
={ I agknowlage that what happened was bad
D= that's horrible!
Sorry if I don't say much my large vocabulary is useless to find the right words for every occasion
And I'm sorry if I say something that's hard to understand my words twist around for some reason

Chaotic Evil
(But I try to appear as chaotic good online)

Villagers 25

Comments 70

    • I generally charge $12/1200FD/600000FC for base overhauls

    • omg thanks!! I'm surprised that video still gets views haha, it feels like forever since I made it!

    • Oh you haven't even seen half of what I have planned.
      I've got two dragon fruit villagers and anot her watermelon waiting to be uploaded.

      I just need the tickets.

    • You need to have a free Villager slot so I can accept the trade

    • wow those teefers look great! :3 i love the colors too!

    • Aaaaah thank you so much!!! ^-^

    • Thanks so much for the comment on Peanut Butter's profile! :>

    • I remember that! I wanted to eat yours =p

    • Yep! She is my fursona an Iluvu that wants so bad to be a Kioka, from Rescreatu.com, I'm Kirby from there ^^

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