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User ID: #93549
Username: weebie
Gender: Male
Last Online: 29 Jun 2020, 10:30 am
Registered: 11 May 2017, 11:57 am

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    • It was most likely caused by emojis since Furvilla doesn't support them.
      If that's the case, then that's why.
      And no worries! :'0

    • O-oh dear. What did you put into your sig?
      You might want to change it since it's breaking posts on threads! :'0

    • Sorry I really do prefer the FC for the costume. Best wishes!

    • No problem! I'll make sure to check them out

    • Hi! I really like your icon.
      Who's the artist?

    • Just responding to your comment on my profile- No, you don't need a rabbit villager to sign up. I just used my villager because I'm too lazy to describe appearance ^^;

    • I had a prospect lined up before I told my old job to shove it, lmao, I'm just waiting for the 12th of April to see if I can get into the training and whatnot. Once I get a steady paycheck again, I'm hoping to commission a pixel icon of Will to use as my dA icon, since the one I currently have is Noemi. And as much as Noemi is my queen and I adore her, Will is my special boy for a number of reasons so I want an icon of him instead. <3

      I also have a large-scale commission in the works right now of something else too, but uh, that's not something I'm going to be able to show off easily lmao. It's not of Will, though, it's a replacement piece to make up for something else. I got shafted by the owner of the Folklore group (as did many other people) so there's some drama going on around that right now, but I filed chargebacks on the $130 I paid her and never received the artwork for so I'll hopefully hear back about that in another two days. :Y I reached out to her too, since I was tired of waiting, and her legit answer was "file chargebacks" instead of "I'm sorry, I'll work on your art" so... And yet she keeps taking on more commissions...

    • Yeah, Nate did a great job with Will, he's everything I could have asked for in a custom Scarfox~ He's been getting a lot of great artwork too, I got his reference sheet yesterday and then the adorable chibi today~ I quit my last job so I have to hold off on getting more commissions of him, but once I secure a new job, it's non-stop to commissions town!! >:D

    • The one time I’m NOT trying to get a villager on the front page, I get the biggest spot on the front page lmao. I’m excited though, LeoKatana handed me the finished image this morning and I threw it in the queue immediately, haha!

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