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User ID: #9975
Username: Toxtricity
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:11 pm

Profile description

♩♪♫♬ lets go to the club and get stupified

My favourite smell is freezer.

My favourite flavour is teeth.

My favourite colour is neon clear.

{Please don't ban me! My IP changes often, I travel between North America and Europe a lot!}



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    • No prob! ^_^

    • Thanks very much! Hope I'll be able to give the level of help that everyone asks for and needs~ X3

    • Dude, is it bad that I went to your profile just because I saw Monika? XD
      Monika is best girl though, don't lie.

    • We tried to drag another poor soul into it ..... didn't work unfortunately. Two out of the four waifus left in limbo.

    • I drew myself as a very ugly Yuri while my bro drew himself as Sayori tonight, it must be stopped.

    • I clicked on your profile to check out your stall and all I see is "Just Monika" and I about combusted-- DDLC has ruined me lmfaoo

    • Yep, it is ^^

    • I think Yuri is a lot of people's go-to,, she caught my eye at first as well! she's got one of those charming, unique personalities you warm up to quickly! she's timid, not so full-on, polite -- she's pretty adorable! c'':

    • Tokyo Ghoul is a dark one I enjoyed! Though it did set me on edge here and there ^^''

      G a s p you can?!? Oh hecc I'll have to seek out those mods! ♡ Hehe yeah I don't think it'd be farfetched to assume she's your best girl, hm? ;'')
      I gotta say I've really taken to Natsuki, but darn does Sayori come close!

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