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♩♪♫♬ lets go to the club and get stupified

My favourite smell is freezer.

My favourite flavour is teeth.

My favourite colour is neon clear.

{Please don't ban me IP changes, I travel between North America and Europe often!}



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    • I think Yuri is a lot of people's go-to,, she caught my eye at first as well! she's got one of those charming, unique personalities you warm up to quickly! she's timid, not so full-on, polite -- she's pretty adorable! c'':

    • Tokyo Ghoul is a dark one I enjoyed! Though it did set me on edge here and there ^^''

      G a s p you can?!? Oh hecc I'll have to seek out those mods! ♡ Hehe yeah I don't think it'd be farfetched to assume she's your best girl, hm? ;'')
      I gotta say I've really taken to Natsuki, but darn does Sayori come close!

    • Definitely! I watched a couple of clips and yeeesh,, lots of blood was spilled. >.<
      Ooh! I've never actually watched a yandere sort of anime, though judging by what you said it's best that I don't!

      i had SUCH a regretti. it makes me seethe too, when she's talking about what 'Monika told her'. Makes me wish there was a 'Don't listen to her' dialogue option. poor Sayori deserves to be safe and happy at all times.

    • aa i'd even struggle a whole lot with Game of Thrones,, though it's more than the gore that gets under my skin in that. ;o; definitely a good show though, i can appreciate it for what it is!

      i've heard of that one quite a bit! isn't it sort of a yandere-ish thing?? I don't know much but I've heard it's damn creepy!

      (I've started playing DDLC for myself and went ahead with Sayori's route. I was so upset and frustrated that, even after picking her from the start, I still couldn't change much by the festival rolled around :'c )

    • oh no :c it's horrible when stuff like that happens
      especially when you want to enjoy the experience and can't bring yourself to stop. I'm horribly scared of gore [usually when it's more realistic], so there's games/shows I've been triggered by but stuck around for the plot!
      but i'm glad you've gotten a tad more used to it now, at least! ^.^

    • Sorry for the slow reply! I'd been busy with uni stuff piling up! but i should have the time to look into the lore now! i'm gonna be sure to play it, too c'':
      god i hate glitchy sound effects i know i'm gonna crap myself when the jumpscares come

    • I kind of regret not trying to play it for myself (though I have been swamped with work) >.<'' buuut I'm still super tempted to get it! Jack went for Yuri and I'd like to try with Natsuki!... Though now I know about Sayori's situation I'd feel quite guilty. :''< poor bby
      But no I haven't sifted through any theories and such! ;o; I'd be more than happy to take a look though! I had no idea there'd be another game but I'm delighted to hear it! ♡

    • Hah! Two birds with one stone! :''> I only got into DDLC about a week or so ago? Maybe two? I took a peek at Jacksepticeye's playthrough to see what all the fuss was about... Holy crap I did not regret it! :'o

    • Bless you for making me happy with your A++ username ♡

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