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Open Beta

Posted by Admin-Mat on 24 Jun 2016, 6:48 am


Furvilla will be in open beta registration from July 1st - July 8th. During this period, any player who is interested in engaging in the open beta is welcome to register an account. Accounts will be given a beta trophy upon registration that will remain with their account when launch is scheduled. After the registration period, the game will commence through beta until it is prepared for launch, in which registration will open again.

A note about beta testing: the goals of beta testing are finding and eliminating bugs in the game as well as attempting to balance to economy. Ideally, the amount of money and items flowing into the economy from the game's features should equal the amount of money and items flowing out of the economy into the features. We may reset currency/items, accounts, or features as we work to balance the game so it's fun without being too hard or too easy. We anticipate that players will be able to keep their accounts, but they may not be able to keep all the contents of the account.

A note on premium currency: the premium currency (FurDollar) functions are working right now. While we don't anticipate having to reset premium currencies or items, please know that if we do (such as a bug is discovered that generates premium currency) we will promptly return the currency and items to their purchasers immediately after.

Happy testing!

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    • Can we transfer trophies? I'd like to have mine on my new account..

    • When will we be getting our beta trophy?

    • "Accounts will be given a beta trophy upon registration that will remain with their account when launch is scheduled. " - Is there an actual date when we get them ovo
      Or did they already gave them out? I see a few with trophies...but i dunno if that are the beta trophies.. Im just a bit confused. :D

    • I have a suggestion for an other change maybe.
      Everytime you getting a comment, someone is buying your things out of the stall or such, there are notifications appears at the top of the page.
      Would it be possible to make it disapear by klicking the link next to it?
      I often click the link to look up that is happening, forget about the "X" and get annoyed by it hanging around there all day long, because i`m used to it, that such news disappear by clicking links.
      If it would be possible, that would be so nice <3

    • I read about the changes to construction, but I couldn't find an answer to this. Is the construction skill level supposed to have been reset/changed with the update? My construction worker was over 200 skill level but is now back down to 94

    • The furcash to furdollar ratio is varying from place to place very extremely, on Flight Rising I've seen a ratio of 100:1000, and on Chickensmoothie i've seen up to 100:15000. If the staff set up an official ratio, that would be very helpful.

    • I'm sure it's just bad luck, but my new warrior has spent more time trying to recover from getting sick four times in one day than she has spent actually fighting. When I just cured Yeti Illness only to almost instantly get Frostbite, this gets indescribably frustrating.

    • What if you don't like the village your in and want to change is there a way?

    • Actually... Nevermind. I think I'm going about it the wrong way.

    • I have a question about items found on exploration. The items for the costumes and weapons (toothy tokens, toothy scarves, spine bones, and a few other items) I cannot seem to find and these are items marked as uncommon/common. Is this a glitch or serious bad luck?