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Dragonsmaw Manor Festival Part 2

Posted by Staff on 27 Oct 2017, 5:34 pm


Hi all, looks like we've gotten things all sorted out and we're ready to bring you part 2 of this spooky event!

Pumpkin Growing

The Pumpkin growing portion of the event is ready to go, your Herbalists (the ones on your account, not everyone's Herbalists site wide) will be working together to grow the biggest pumpkin that they can! On each Herbalist's work page you will see the special slot at the top that holds your most special pumpkin, you simply have to keep using Fertilizer to keep growing your very special, one of a kind Pumpkin child.

*Details on trophies and prizes for the Pumpkin Growing will be announced soon so be on the look out for a News Flash post regarding that in the near future*

New Recipes & Items

There are 2 new recipes now stocking in the Candy Shop, The Hallowed Potion Recipe and the Pumpkin Treats Recipe, check out the details below on the new items that they make!


First up we have the Hallowed Potion, this potion can be used at your Animal Handler's stables to upgrade the rarity of a Mini-Pet. Each potion will upgrade by one step, Common will upgrade to Uncommon or Rare will upgrade to Super Rare. To upgrade a Mini-Pet from Common all the way The up to Super Rare you will need 3 potions total for that Mini-Pet. The crafting price on this recipe is 500 FD, I am told that that price will be going up after the event ends, 500 FD is a special discounted Event exclusive price.



Secondly we have the Pumpkin Treats, these treats can be fed to an undomesticated Mini-Pet to instantly bring them up to full domestication! So have fun baking these up for your Mini-Pets.

Pumpkin Treats DO NOT work yet but you can begin making them for use when the coding bugs have been worked out.


Thanks for sticking with me and as always, please to report any bugs if you run into them!

*Exact end dates for the Event and closure of the Candy Shop will be posted with the Pumpkin Growing trophy and prize details*


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    • I enjoyed the event, came in today and cleared it so didn't encounter many of the problems. Was a little disappointment with just how easy it was, needed a bit more challenge for me, but the event was lovely and the prizes really nice!

    • Hey, Admin-Mat , I saw people dump candy at food drive , you had say those candy will gone at future,
      So.....is it save dump my candy at food drive ? or those score will gone with candy?

  • Comment has been hidden

    • @BeakyBirds You would file a Report.

    • Admin-Mat Do we report here, or on a bug report that our minipet has gone sterile? It shouldn't be breedable as it was a monthly FD pet, but it's coming up sterile now.

    • Am I safe to spend all of my Candy Points? Is that all that is being added to the Event shop? I just want to make sure as I am heading out of town and don't want to spend all my points now if there is going to be more. Thanks you!!! <3

    • Yes there are so many mistakes with my comment.
      can't find a edit button

    • They claimed it was a bug but i am surprised i'll give that is there are reports that date back to 2016 but i will be honest and yes this pains me.
      But sites need money to keep going .
      > Furvilla
      > YouTube
      > DA
      and soon on need money to keep running , nothing is really ever free.
      Sites sometimes degrade as years go on , but this is not even a old site yet .

      I do not want to say much more becasue either i'll get slandered /roasted or having to deal with yet anther case of drama on this site.
      Trying to express you're self here either turns into a witch hunt or people have nothing else better to do.

    • Alright, my African Wild Corgi just turned into a Winged Corgi, sterile, unbreedable, and with 0 charges (I hadn't used a single one), and I'm pissed because 1) I have several outstanding emails to you people's staff from early 2016 addressing exploits, suggestions, and pleas for help revolving around harassment and glitches. So using the Contact Us doesn't do SHIT, and another thing? It GLITCHES EVERY TIME I TRY TO SEND A HELP REQUEST TICKET, and HAS DONE SO for 8 months, but as it's a penalty to ping mods in most threads and they made it CLEAR during BETA that that they don't check suggestions. I spent money on these potions. Actual damn USD that could've gone to groceries. If this isn't fixed, I have no reason to stay on this botched hell-site where all the events have destroyed the economy and resulted in more and more players leaving while you keep your heads in the sand and do exactly the opposite of what would keep this site alive. Either way, I'm turning ad-block on and no longer buying with USD. I either want a refund, a fix for my pet, or since y'all don't give a shit about the userbase, I can just leave and everybody wins. HURRAH.

    • Pl furvilla next time making an event do it about luck, because only rich people win and others who dont have enough furcash dont even have a chance