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Seeking Moderators

Posted by Admin-Mat on 2 Jul 2016, 9:15 pm


Greetings, villagers! As you may have noticed we received a massive influx of players over the last day. This is far more than our little team of moderators can handle, so we're looking to expand our moderator team, and welcome some new Player Safety members! If you are interested in applying for a moderator position, please send a message to [email protected] with the following: your Furvilla username, your age, your location and time zone, your prior moderation experience, and why you'd like to be a moderator on Furvilla. Please note that we can only accept applications from players aged eighteen or older.

Also, we have a message to share from MOD-Deinmaar, the Head of Community, who would like to address some issues with our current moderators' actions:

The moderators owe the entire Furvilla Community a massive apology. The deletion of many, many threads that never actually violated the Terms of Service wasn't right of us, and we are working to rectify and retrain our team before we open the forums and chats again to make sure this is never an issue again. Miscommunication is no excuse, and we gravely apologize for the trauma this has caused many users who did absolutely nothing wrong. We sincerely hope you enjoy the rest of the site while we work diligently to right our wrongs.

Furvilla has received a much higher amount of registrations than we were prepared for and we're working to ensure our Forums and Chatrooms are welcoming to all members. Please bear with us while we hire additional help! In the meantime, if you haven't gotten a chance, please be sure to read the Newbie Guide and continue your enjoyment of the game.

Have a lovely night!

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    • This is something I always like doing, but my availability is pretty much nil right now. Ah, the wonders of being an adult who adults... (somewhat)

    • Excited to hear back from you guys! <3

    • With the amount of people who have submitted an application based alone by comments, it seems like just going through each and considering what they are truly looking for, could take some time. They are wanting to make sure after all that the site will be properly taken care of. Even if you have yet to be contact, never give up hope. Even if any of us do not make the first cut, there is always a future of opportunity where they may hire once again. We all have our own dedications to wanting to help this project succeed for a wonderful future.

      But for now, just be patient, learn as much of the site as you can, follow the rules, and honestly, have fun!

    • tfw your 13

    • Fingers crossed for the forums and chat to be brought up pretty soon. I miss the social part of those sites in here, and I have patience knowing that you guys are working on problems just now, but I doubt I can play like that (without the social part) longer.

    • I hope you find some really good moderators put there! I have some Average moderating, but you'll find some better mods. ^~^

    • I know how to be a admin o0o xd i would love to help others and the site

    • As for species, can you please add Sergals?

    • skitty Moderators are currently being trained and prepared for their work, and once that is done forums should be up pretty soon.

    • I've been a moderator on another site for over a year and I am rather interested in being a moderator here. Im just not quite sure what exactly this entails as the section ideas about moderators wasn't that detailed. I don't want to apply without knowing as I don't want to waste anyone's time so I'd highly appreciate a private message or something from a mod explaining if it's not too much trouble c: