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User ID: #20748
Username: Chihiro
Gender: Genderflux
Last Online: 4 Feb 2017, 10:03 am
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 7:37 am

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28 | Predominantly She, Sometimes He | Cuddly | Genderflux | Pansexual

Thank you for dropping by! I adore friends and would love to see you here. I ♥love♥ you all! (Platonically.)

I've had quite a few issues lately, the least of which is that my computer has "spontaneously" contracted several viruses usually impossible to encounter outside of a pornsite and is out of commission. So says the boys, that is. Then we add in the rest of the family Drama and now it's a great stinking mess just waiting to explode horribly. SO, I'm not ignoring anyone, I'm not skiving off - I just haven't had the funds to deal with hiccups of personal problems.

~ Mythic Costume - 6 sets
~ Foxfire Kitsune - M & F

I adore RP! All of my characters are their own people, so please check them out! I'll probably stick with Kik, skype, FB, or Google Hangouts for play.

ALRIGHT, so I was asked to basically outline my characters' world within Furvilla and I said yes, so gird your loins:

It's Modern-Meets-Ancient-Asian-History here in the sky, the houses delicate vessels of the clouds with curved roofs and pale crystalline walls, pale lanterns in all the colors of the sky lighting the way - but with every modern convenience available. Chihiro is a sole Human, stumbling mistakenly into the throngs of mythology, and living in among clouds with a tentative hopefulness. Here, she is a strange figure of smooth skin and freckled, flat features with a wild brush mop of springs for hair - and feeling quite odd in a world of bipedal furries with delicately balanced features of humanoid and very-definitely-not. She breathes in their unique visions and desperately wants to be a part of it, looking around her far isolated home and the kilometers of cloudy wilderness between her new (tentative) home and the Quetzal Palace. It's too empty, too quiet and solemn out there - out here where she tries to understand just what her life has become.

So she tries to find those who are looking, seeking a home, a place. Offers one of the rooms in her too big, too quiet house to someone willing to give her a chance. Sweet, gentle, adventurous Arya is the first (only) one to take her up on her offer. Bright light and charming Arya who has liquid amber eyes and a face of pure "cuddle-me-now" and who wanders about finding people to come and share Chihiro's Home (Arya's Den) with them and maybe add on, create a real village.

It's going to be amazing...

[If you want to RP, I'm open to discussing things, making scenes, and shaping some amazing ideas!]

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