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User ID: #26884
Username: CasteleCree
Gender: Weird gay trash
Last Online: 9 Sep 2018, 2:04 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 2:43 pm

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Hey ^.^ I'm CasteleCree, but you can just call me Cree or Rey! :D

I go by Cree or Ray // 15 // Leo/Virgo // Olive Blood // Anxiety // Homestuck, Zoophobia, Furry, Cosplayer, Whovian // Asexual homoromantic, maybe aromantic???

Let's get one thing straight, i'm not.

"Anonymous 4200 FurCash '!!(=ㅇㅅㅇ=❀)'"
Whoever this anon is, bless your soul. Thank you so much <3
Also this anon too: "Anonymous 10000 FurCash"

hhhhh i had a 400+ day login streak and i accidentally broke it-

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    • I heard you like Homestuck-
      Sorry I'm random I just wanna see if I can meet more people into Homestuck in this day and age ^^
      Message me if you want fellow Homestucker :3



    • Tired and ready for school to be over

      Help me

    • Hi!

    • Pfft, if you ever wanted to, we could roleplay together! I'm trying to learn Vriska's character more anyways, so some practice would be good!

    • Yeah, it was awesome! But sadly, no one else seems to pay that any mind. Also, sorry if I quirk, I'm roleplaying a 8it and having to do them so much 8y hand is exhaaaaaaaauuuuuuuusting!!!!!!!!

    • It was an environmental competition! We were in teams of five, with each of us specializing in one subject, and I got wildlife, which was identifying pelts and skulls and such! We brought home second place, but I got the highest score on my subject out of the rest of my school.

    • I'm doing, uhh, not so great. Had a competition yesterday that I stomped the competition at but no one cares because it's not sports.

    • Just yaknow, mental health stuff.

    • Hello human childe, it is I, a fellow Homestuck

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