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100 FD Paintie Deadline Extension

Posted by Staff on 28 Nov 2016, 9:11 pm


Hello again! The staff has heard your concerns and we have decided to extend the deadline for 100 FD Painties another 48 hours. The previous news post has been edited to reflect this decision so please re-read and still use that post to determine the exact time of the deadline.

Thanks so much for reading!

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    • Ahhhh I only just saw this....

    • O H

    • Anyway, I see why this is needed. Painties are legit only just a "luxury" in this game, for they're not even needed. they're pointless and can cancel out stuff like clothing and equitable items to your villager.

    • Honestly the comments about a price raise is really,,,,, not good, y'all chill,,, some of y'all are screaming like babies. many other sites only allow limited customization OR customizations for 3-5 dollars or more. (hint hint: flight rising)

    • mint tears

    • Tiggyloo it's not pointless, with the launch they will need more server capacity if you want to play on an actually functional website. When you joined the site for Beta, you had to agree to the terms of being a Beta tester. Things will fluctuate to suit the needs of the website, and the 100 FD paintie price was a more than generous gift to beta testers, but the day the price had to rise was upon us the moment they made villagers unlimited.

    • I really like how much feedback the community is getting with these site changes that effect us. :,) (Heavy sarcasm applied)

    • Don't raise the price so many of us don't want that LISTEN TO US NO ONE WANTS IT IT'S POINTLESS

    • I'm so glad for the extension. I understand raising the price, it was just the short notice that got me. Thank you so much for listening to our concerns!

    • While I don't necessarily like the idea of ricing the price, I completely understand it and I just want to thank you for listening and extending the deadline so that we would at least have a chance of submitting a few last painties <3