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User ID: #18084
Username: Sigma
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 12:46 am

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I try to keep to myself.

My chest hurts, sometimes.


I collect dragon items/minipets and keep mostly dragon villagers.

I also have unconditional and never ending love for Sonic the Hedgehog and goats.


Weasyl - Refsheet

Villagers 14

Comments 20

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    • Don't you worry bout it, I know how it is. ♥ I don't expect anything in return. I hope you feel better!

    • Saw you were having a bit of a rough time. this isn't much, but i hope you get to feeling better about things. ♥


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    • I didn't feel too bad about the thread, but thanks! I just felt like a horrible person because I'd never thought about the topic that way, so it was my own fault! ^^

    • you're so welcome! ^w^

      I love your dragon set! and your villagers? AMAZING!!

    • You have a kind heart. :3

    • Awe you are SO sweet, and thank you! ♥ That is a very thoroughly kind thing to say X3

    • Very kind of you, thank you!!

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