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User ID: #102779
Username: RazzleBerryDazzle
Gender: Female
Last Online: 26 May 2018, 2:42 pm
Registered: 8 Aug 2017, 11:11 pm

Profile description

Art Gallery on My Villager Page! Click The Sign then Scroll Down for Pics!

Pleased to meet you! I'm Razz, an artist and a complete nerd for characters and character art. I love to do everything in-character when I can, so if you comment on any of my villagers you'll get a reply from them. If you comment on Razzle Berry Dazzle you'll get a reply from me because on Furvilla, I am she and she is me! I have a very immature sense of humor and tend to be pretty silly. This can make me hard to tolerate! The good side is if you are immature and silly I will probably not just tolerate you but encourage it so that we both get in trouble.

All my paintie art is by me, and I'm on a slow and steady quest to do pics of my villagers so that one day in the far-flung future they will all be 100% my own art! The estimated date this will happen is over ten billion years in the future.

I really enjoy Furvilla even tho it's so clicky-clicky (sometimes I click so much I just gotta stop clicking and walk away) with the customization options like custom painties and custom vistas being what really sold me on it and keep me interested. I hope they will add more customization options in the future and also make some of the villager jobs more in-depth. Even if they don't I'll still like it!

Anyway, that's me! If you have anything you want to contact me over feel free to message. I will admit I am not even sure what the friends list is really for (since someone doesn't have to be on it to be my friend) but I usually will accept a friend request as long as you're not evil! (Genuinely evil, that is, you can be evil in-character and that's fine with me.)

Have a wonderful day!

-Razzle Berry Dazzle the Berry Fairy Bear

Villagers 11

Comments 134

    • hi hunny bear! miss you~ hope you're doing well <3

    • lol thank you! i fell in love with both, so they had to fun use! XD

    • good morning my care bear! <3

    • Thank you very much! You're awesome! ;)

    • Im sure he'd say hi back, if he wasnt too busy being a dumbass. Ill pass along your message regardless~ ;)

    • one time i had a dream that you put Razzle Berry Dazzle up for sale and i bought her just in case dream-you wanted her back
      so congrats your oc made it into my dreams and so did FV

    • Thanks for buying so much rusted steel! If you're looking to buy more in bulk I can sell it to you directly for the same price ^^ I have about 1300 more right now ❤

    • Hear hear! xP

    • Tbh I still have easter candy from last year, tastes just fine xD

    • Thank you! X3

      Stale is a relative term ;3

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