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Shamrock Hunt!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 11 Mar 2019, 7:56 pm


Warm winds are finally blowing into Furvilla, and Spring is right around the corner! To celebrate, your Explorers can participate in the Great Shamrock Hunt from now until March 31st!


Collecting shamrocks is easy! All you need to do is explore and you will find shamrocks everywhere. Collect 77 of them to craft a special 4 Leaf Clover using a Rainbow Magic Recipe, which can be purchased in the Recycle Shop. This recipe can be learned by Crafters.


Your 4 Leaf Clover can be held by a villager as a keepsake, or you may open it to try your luck at receiving one of the following items:


Finally, your button and sticker collections are about to have a lucky expansion! Check out this new button and magical sticker, which can also be purchased in the Recycle Shop.


Quick Reminder!

The Serpent Festival Shop will be closing tonight at 11:59 FV Time so be sure to do any last minute shopping before then! Any feathers you don't spend will just stay nice and cozy in the Gala Shop, waiting for next year.

Festival Trophy!!!

Looks like there is a shiny trophy to pick up, just click the link down below.



Have fun hunting!

- Aspen - & ♥ ADMIN-MAT ♥

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    • edit: nvm, this was posted before the news announcement!

    • so you can't get the rainbow recipes anymore? i checked and they gone :(

    • Sadly I can’t get the sticker bc it’s so expensive, but I collected a ton of clovers and I only need around 20 more to make a four-leaf clover. :)

    • Could someone please give me advice on how to get FurGems for the Recycle Shop? I've been collecting a lot of clovers. But I can't turn trade them in, or get any items from the shop.

    • "Big thanks for adding to the Serpent's hoard! We hope you enjoyed the Gala, never stop dancing...Ever."

      i NEED TO STOP DANCING AT ONE POINT!!! My feet will fall off D:

    • To this I say shamWOOHOO

    • So many clovers to grab... gotta save one as a Keepsake for my cloud dragon (in the works, paintie tickets are expensive), but the rest are getting opened because COOL WEAPON YEAHHH!!!

    • I love the little fox!!