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Terms of Service Changes

Posted by Admin-Mat on 6 Jul 2016, 12:37 am


We have altered our Terms of Service to clarify and address two points of concern raised to our support channels by players.

1) The Terms no longer forbid "exposed female nipples" and "exposed female breasts," but instead all exposed nipples and all exposed breasts.

2) Players hold the copyright to their user-submitted content (such as forum posts), and provide Furvilla with an industry-standard license to use that content to display it to other Furvilla players.

3) Furvilla owns the copyright to its bases, as well as all derivative works of them. However, players retain the copyright to their characters and designs.

Thank you for your feedback and we hope these changes address the concerns.

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    • Hey cuties I've decided to tackle on a few Painties for free! (I also figured out how to properly code CSS so I'm showing it off lol). Please message me or follow through my profile. Thank you! xo

    • Miiyori they have accepted it when they get your money, they just forget they are repairing it, you can click into the repairers profile to manually complete it from their career

    • A smol suggestion X0
      After a certain amount of time can a weapon or item or anything just be returned if the blacksmith accepted the repair but doesn't start it? Or implement a return button for the item after hours of waiting for that blacksmith who may be taking too long?

    • Sezzas

      Actually as long as they are building items and not repairing..they merely need the right amount of 'wood'. You can actually mix and match wood (and I have done so before) when making a single item..one of the houses in my village is made up of a mixture of 4 different woods actually.

      They can also use all of a single type of any wood if they like.

      now I have heard it dosn't work this way for repairs, but I've not tried it yet.

    • sayzay A house item is, well, a house. Houses are built by construction workers for 150 wood. Since you're from Tigereye Peak the wood you need is "Frozen Wood Slabs". Hope this helps!

      Bittertiffany It is referring to anything posted on the site in general. Art, paintie, photos etc.

    • "" 1) The Terms no longer forbid "exposed female nipples" and "exposed female breasts," but instead all exposed nipples and all exposed breasts. ""

      What does this mean exactly??? Is this talking about photos or furry art?
      Bc I have several characters that have, er , breasts I guess but they're not really sexualized ????

    • I'm kind of new but i really like this game the careers were a really good idea. But i cant figure out what a house item is for the life of me , please help its driving me nuts!

    • -FrostedCupcakes- Digibat Because FrostedCupcakes is from Dragonsmaw Manor (which is revealed by the symbol beside their name) they will need "Haunted Pine Slab" to use the wood. Therefore, unfortunately, Coral Slabs won't work unless they're building something from Oceandome.