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Oceandome Festival 2020!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 28 Aug 2020, 12:02 pm


Oceandome's annual Treasure Hunt has begun and it’s time to grab your oars, jump in your boats, and look for treasure!

Ready to get started with your treasure hunting? Make sure you have at least one villager set to Crafter and head on over to the event page and pick up your boat!

Every two hours you'll be able to sail off with your boat to search for treasure!

Hmmmmm, you're gonna want a bigger boat! A bigger boat can carry more treasure after all, right?


You’ll need to craft boat parts to upgrade your boats.


When you have selected your boat, recipes for boat parts and Magical Sketchbooks will automatically be taught to any of your Crafters. You're going to want to craft Magical Sketchbooks which you can read to go on an adventure to collect supplies!

boat ingredients...


Loose Sketchbook Pages are found by exploring... So be sure to get your explorers searching far and wide! Once you have the necessary number of Loose Sketchbook Pages, you'll be able to use your Crafters to create a Magical Sketchbook.

But Magical Sketchbooks aren't only good for recipe ingredients. Perhaps you'll find even rarer treasure!

What are you going to do with all that treasure, you might ask? Well, you can trade in your treasure for Plunder Points to spend on special prizes at Treasure Isle, which you will be able to sail to in a week.

Watercolor Warriors!

This event's magical stones come in the form of Watercolor Warrior Stones!



You will encounter Watercolor Warrior villagers though the Magical Sketchbook. If you are lucky, one may give you a magical stone as a gift.

These warriors will also appear in a special Ocean Dojo battleground, where you may find Loose Sketchbook Pages and special prizes. (Don't worry, stones and any special prizes will also be purchasable at Treasure Isle).

More Stuff!

Just a few extra tidbits you'll want to know:

- If you didn't set a Crafter before selecting a boat, you will not have learned the recipes. If so these recipes can all be bought in a Stack of How To Guides at The Recycling Shop.
- In addition to the Ocean Dojo battleground, there is a low level Ocean of Endless Mimicry battleground which will also drop Loose Sketchbook Pages.
- Treasure Isle will open a week into the event on September 5th.
- The event ends on September 12th, however Treasure Isle will remain open a week longer until September 19th.
- Treasure can be converted to Plunder Points from your inventory or en masse from the event page.
- Once Treasure Isle closes, you will no longer be able to spend Plunder Points and they will not carry over to next year.
- A message from Quinn: a banner will appear next to the Furvilla logo during the event, which will take you to the event page. If it is not appearing correctly, you will need to do a hard refresh on your browser by pressing CTRL+F5 or equivalent.

Now get out there and get that treasure!

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    • Is it normal the whales are sterile before the event concludes?

    • ...not that I mind, of coarse...just seems a little odd, is all.

    • I have been getting Snow Festival food items from the Ocean Dojo....is this supposed to happen?

    • What’s all this about selecting boats? That wasn’t an option, at least for me. Did anyone else have this happen too?

    • The thing is tippyflipz , nobody knows the prices in the shop until it's open.
      What we usually find in this events are minipets, thematic keepsakes and armor/weapons, stamps, buttons and vistas; all related to the ocean dome treasure hunt event. Plus the stones that you can find while exploring too.

    • Since this is yearly event and this is my first year, could anyone give me an idea of what sort of things I might expect to find in the treasure shop? It's a bit hard for me to guess how many plunder points I should aim to save!

    • Usagi no Nami... Just so we're clear, the proper order is "nami no usagi".

    • I think there's a little bit of an art mix up - I just upgraded my boat to Tier 2, and I think the boat I have is the Galleon instead of the clipper! In one of the sketchbook explore events, you click through the dinghy, clipper, and galleon artwork in order, and the last image is what I have for the Tier 2 boat!

    • I'm loving the event so far, I already got quite a lot of treasure and I absolutely adore the Watercolor Warrior animals.

    • Oh cool! :D Thank you for letting me know.