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Dress Up Time Part 2!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 3 Dec 2020, 5:25 am


Looks like a very fun loving new friend has come to town, everybody say hello to the Graffiti Hyena and be sure to make this new Villager feel welcome!


Graffiti Hyena is now available through the use of the Graffiti Costume on your lovely Hyena villagers!

Have a colorful day!

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    • yo this looks so good great job

    • HMM! I already have 1 Graffiti boy, guess it wouldn't hurt to add a second.

    • One I already loved the Graffiti costume but now there’s one for the Hyena which one of my favorite animals YESSSS!!!! <3<3 I absolutely love the Punkish style. I can tell I already have a new friend for my Raechel~

    • Do you think the can says yeet?
      Also i love the earings OwO smiley faces wish those were real

    • This makes me like the graffiti costume now

    • yes! that base will be perfect for mojo!

    • The art???
      thE ART????
      PRETTY !!!!!!

    • Oh nooooooo I would have done this! I love it, so beautiful

    • take all of my money pleaze i love you ......................

    • Oh I love them so much <3