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Scheduled Downtime Complete!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 24 Jan 2021, 1:44 pm


Scheduled downtime is complete! Let's check out the new features here!

New Galleries

We are pleased to announce the addition of three new galleries where you can stash your rapidly growing collections! The Keepsake Cabinet, Fashion Chest, and Armoury are now accessible from the Commerce drop-down menu, as well as your user profile.

We have our own home!

• There is no limit to how many items you may put in each of these galleries, which is especially helpful in the Armoury, as equipment items do not stack.

• Buttons are excluded from the Fashion Chest, and are meant to be placed in your Button Book.

• Checklists for these 3 galleries have been omitted to help you relax and collect these items at your own pace. Remember, you may still generate "do not have" lists in the item museum search, if you are exceptionally bold and want to collect everything!

Career Trophies

Every career except Doctors are now able to earn new achievement trophies, based on various requirements seen on your individual villager's career achievement pages.


Each trophy set begins with a novice level Junior Certificate, and ranges all the way up to elusive diamond trophies, reserved for players with the most determination!

You'll get your day, Doctors of Furvilla.

Battle Effects

Several battle buddies will now accompany your warrior in battle, joining the Dapper Chicken in doing so.

They include:
Rocky King of Rocks, Timber Wolf, Electric Eel, Incredibly Deadly Serpent, Trained Falcon, Armored Alicorn, Viking Fox, Pirate Fox, Legendary Chubby Bunny, Vampire Bat, Ralph, the Battle Moos, Faithful Fossil, Galaxy Phoenix, and Saryumane the Protector.

We will be gradually adding additional buddies in chronological batches.

Note that where they spawn is determined by which equipment slot they are placed in. We've taken care to try to avoid excess overlap and odd placement relative to your warrior, but we cannot guarantee that all combinations will look great. So we encourage you to experiment.

Remember, if you don't want to see any of these effects, or they are causing you any lag, you can turn them off in your user settings by checking "Hide All Battle Effects". This will also hide effects of your opponent in PvP. If for some reason you want to see your own but only hide your opponent's effects, you can instead select "Hide Opponent Battle Effects".

Misc Updates

Your various galleries now have an option to sort alphabetically. For some galleries, this will be simply the item name, whereas in others it is by species. The checklists will always sort by ID, with the newest first.

Finally, we recently added a feature to your main gallery to aid in sorting the order you want them to appear. In addition to being able to drag them, you can now designate a Sorting Priority. A smaller number will sort higher, taking precedence over the dragging order.

Jade Dye

If you were lucky during our previous Black Jade event, Buck may have awarded you a vial of mysterious Jade Dye. This item can now be crafted by Alchemists, and it's recipe is available for purchase in your village's Alchemy shop.


As with previous dyes, you may wish to start crafting it in advance to use or sell to others, as its purpose will be revealed on the Lunar New Year!

We hope you enjoy these new site features!
- Aspen & Hiker Quinn -

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    • My storage is going to be so empty once I sort everything lol. This update is great! <3

    • Has anyone found a way to bring items into the armory multiple at a time? Taking 473 equips out of my storage wasn't awful because I could select the whole page (100 items) at once, but is it really gonna make me add 473 items one at a time to get them in the armory?

    • Yes, I like this update I can finally clear out my inventory from keepsakes. so many

    • I love this update so much, all that SPACE in my inventory and storage now *-*

    • Finally~ thanks so much for working on these updates! Most of them have been great!

    • ah i biffed it


    • Galleries! Galleries! Galleries!