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Posted by Admin-Mat on 28 Jan 2021, 1:28 pm


"Hey there, been a while since I’ve seen you around here, been having lots of fun adventures? I’d love to hear all about them, but first I wanna introduce you to some new friends!"


"Check out all this hippity hoppity goodness, it’s time to welcome Kangaroos to our lovely villages!"


"They even brought a little buddy along with them, isn’t it just the cutest? I hear these guys like to hang around that Fur Dollar Emporium place with that fancy pants Gembound so you can look for them there!"


- Jherin -

What an excitable little Cheetah...But anyways, Kangaroos are currently available to make through the Villager Creation function! The Kangaroo Morphing Potion Recipe and Plush will be available in the Fair Exchange Shop!

Happy Hop Day Everyone!

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    • Oh gosh, they're so cute!!

    • Absolutely adorable!!!!


    • Awesome! And as someone else said, what about the Sheep Morphing potions? :o

    • Kangarooooos! They're so cute!

    • Kangaroo trope here!!!!

    • *Gasp* I NEED!

    • oh my god we have ROOSIES