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Dress Up Time Part 9!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 10 Jun 2021, 2:29 pm


It's that time again...Looks like a new friend has come to town, everybody say hello to the Graffiti Velociraptor, be sure to make this new Villager feel welcome!


Graffiti Velociraptor is now available through the use of the Graffiti Costume on your lovely Velociraptor villagers!

Have Colorful Day!

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    • gah! now i have to get this one too! i love the graffiti furs!!

    • Woah That looks awesome! How do I get this graffiti costume?

    • The rainbow colors look awesome!

    • I need and want this child. Good job and effort!

    • omg it's adorable

    • I love our new frend so much!! <3

    • Last month I was talking to a friend about how I wanted a costume for the Velociraptor, then I saw this announcement and I'm so hyped now, the art is super gorgeous and I nEED this costume in my villager
      Kudos to the artist who did this amazing art, the velociraptor looks sick!!!

    • OH! Velociraptor looks sick!

    • I'm digging this Dress-Up Thursday.