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Welcome to the Grande Tourney!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 24 Jun 2021, 9:08 pm


Come one, come all!

Come and prove your villager's strength at the annual Olde Foxbury Grande Tourney!

The Grande Tourney starts now and will run until 11:59 pm on Friday, July 9th.

The Tourney's Prize Shoppe will open on Friday, July 2nd, and will close at 11:59pm on Friday, July 16th

Festival Currency

Royal Coins are the official currency of the Tourney, and may be earned now through July 9th.

You may earn these coins by participating in the Grande Tourney as well as in the special festival-exclusive Grande Melee battleground. Coins will also turn up rarely during an event-exclusive Explore event.

Solid gold!

When the Tourney's Prize Shoppe opens, you will be able to trade in coins for points to purchase special prizes. You may either convert your coins for prize points to spend this year, or save your coins for future years.

Once you convert your coins, you cannot get them back.

The Grande Tourney


Mayor Minstrel is excited to announce the Grande Tourney!

Warriors from across the land have been invited to test their mettle, including you! For the duration of the Festival, results for PVP duels within the Standard and Free-for-All Tourneys will be combined.

At the end of the Festival, the village with the best performance will be crowned Grande Tourney Champion. So do your village and your mayor proud!

In addition to the usual Valor Points, participating in Tourney duels will also reward Royal Coins.

A win rewards two Royal Coins, while a loss rewards one Royal Coin.

The Grande Melee Battleground

If PVP duels aren't your cup of tea, we've also prepared a special battleground called the Grande Melee. This battleground features warriors that you and your fellow players have submitted.

Naturally, many of these warriors are particularly fierce. But fret not, Mayor Minstrel's blacksmiths have forged a special set of weapons that will make even the most novice warrior competitive.

These weapons have been blessed with fox magic to help even a level 1 warrior put up a fair fight.

This chest and the powerful weapons within will go dormant upon Festival conclusion, not activating again until next year.
Redeem Code for Grande Melee Chest

Royal Coins are among the loot you may get for victory in the Grande Melee.

Did you submit a warrior to the Grande Melee this year? Remember that the villager you submitted will reflect its current paintie. You may change your paintie throughout the event to show your fighting spirit!

Events for Explorers

A special event for Explorers is also currently running, and you will find some new Legendary Stones when you encounter it.

Be a Legend!

When used on a villager, these stones will transform them into a special event color. You may also add these stones to your stone collection.

Additional Bonuses

Until the end of the event, all battlegrounds will be giving double experience. This is a great time to train your warriors and make them the strongest they can be!

Also, Warrior Elixir bundles are 33% off in the Fur Dollar Emporium!


Warrior's Elixir 10 Pack (original price 125FD) - now 83 FD until the end of the event!

Warrior's Elixir 20 Pack (original price 250 FD) - now 167FD until the end of the event!

** Have fun, everyone! **

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    • Wait...is the Grande Melee Equipment SUPPOSED to be banned in Standard Tourney? Seems like that would defeat the purpose of that armor set, but okay...

    • Whoa! That was sudden.

    • Kaible Those lazy chests should be waking up shortly! Poking them with a stick now...

    • the code gives you a sleeping chest or all the chests are still sleeping....idk which