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Oceandome Festival coming later this month!

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 5 Sep 2021, 11:31 am


Hey furriends!

Just a quick little post about the Oceandome Festival! My apologies for it being a little delayed this year. We are hard at work revamping it for the long term, and the coding aspect is quite a lot for a little scatter-brained squirrel such as myself. Tentatively we are planning to hold it in the latter half of the month of September, hopefully not later so it doesn't effect the Harvest Festival. There will need to be a downtime for testing. I will post a warning about that and the dates of the festival when they are decided.

Thank you all for your patience, and I hope you are enjoying the changing of the season!


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    • Underrated shiftie!

    • Thank you so much! Don't worry, they're more than enough ^^


    • The banner and warrior arenas aare gone, I guess they weren't supposed to be up yet. I was so ready for the event ahhah

    • Is...the event supposed to be running yet? The banner is on top of the site, a boat is available from the page it links to, and I'm getting sketchbook pages from exploring...but there's no News article saying it's started yet. Should I hold off on getting my boat/avoid exploring until there's a news article announcing the festival? I don't want to be taking advantage if this is a glitch...

    • yay the oceandome festival

    • excited to see what happens!! sounds like itll be fun+~!

    • I volunteer to beta test if you need event testers where our gains are wiped at the end of the test.

    • So that's why the old Oceandome reagents changed.... interesting.....