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New Species and More

Posted by Admin-Mat on 20 Jul 2016, 3:59 pm


Greetings, villagers! Furvilla has been joined by a new species: the Shifty! This is a new rare species that can be crafted out of Tigereye Peak, and brings with it a large change to the Paintie System. Because canonically the Shifty can mimic the appearance of anything it sees, Painties for the Shifty have a large range of artist freedom and do not require the use of a Furvilla base.

The full rules for the Shifty can be read by visiting the Paintie Rules page.


We have released Morphing Potions for the entirety of species available on Furvilla. The recipes for these potions are stocking in their respective village shops, as all potions have been split up among the villages In addition, an option has been added to the Potions Shop of your village that permits you to pay the shopkeeper to obtain a specific result out of a species potion. For those of you who have been asking for a way around the randomness of a potion, especially as we release new colors for our species, this should definitely help!


In addition, some Paintie Rules have been clarified or amended by the Paintie Admins:

- Rule 1 Amendment: When creating a Paintie for a costume, the Paintie must match the base of the costume.
- Rule 2 Amendment: Species changes allowed on a Furvilla base involve subgroups of animals that are similar to each other, such as deer and goats.
- Rule 2 Amendment (2): Masks are permitted as a head edit.
- Rule 3 Amendment: Players are allowed to use base artwork of Costumes that match the Costume they are designing a Paintie for. For instance, when designing an Aquatic Wolf, players are permitted to use body parts from other Aquatic Costumes, provided they are not a costume for a rare species (which does not exist yet).
- Rule 6 Amendment: Rule Six was changed to "Painties May Not Include Prohibited Content" and also clarify that our rules regarding alcohol and drug use apply to Painties as well.
- Rule 6 Amendment (2): Indicates that the Paintie Team reserves the right to reject a Paintie for sexual content even if the specific item is not listed, if the Paintie comes off as sexual.
- Rule 8 Amendment: Players may shrink the base slightly to accommodate edits to the head area of the base, provided that the base is not made smaller than 3/4ths its original size.


Last among the major changes is that we have uncapped the ability to create villagers, though the Villagers page has a steep cost to adding additional villagers. We know that you have wanted to add additional characters to your accounts and hope that this change gives you the freedom to do so, while also providing a good sink for FurCash. We are currently working on capping all careers to a reasonable level so that the unlimited villagers option does not have a detrimental effect on the economy.

Have a great day!

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    • Is there just a plain base for the shifty? like if we wanted to add edits to the actual blobby thing?

    • Lighthawke

      Nope, I was thinking that earlier when I saw they added new colors. I wanted to browse them and look, but was too lazy to try the Wiki and didn't want to create a house to create a new villager

    • Am I the only one who REALLY wants some way to browse all the possible villager species and colors? The wiki works, but it's not super convenient. I'd just like some kind of gallery...

    • I wish there was a way to explore all 20 times in one go.

      For example, instead of having to click twenty times for each Explorer villager, why not have a button that does all twenty explores, and then a results page to show what all your villager brought back?

      Because clicking twenty times per villager starts to become a hassle when your villager count surpasses three.

      Just a suggestion..

    • Question! I love the option to mix medicines--will something similar be added for other craftable goods? Whether to combine remaining charges or upgrade the final product or both. It would be really nice to upgrade houses or equipment, for example.

      ALSO the bases.furvilla.com link doesn't allow me to download any of the bases, just view them.

    • We need a Preview post button so badly right now.

    • You guys fixed the formatting for mobile devices!!! Thank you!!! <3

    • Spiritburn or you could wait till you get the costume, equip it, and then amke your paintie
      and most of costume bases were out before the open beta

    • Digibat
      $1 or $100 doesn't matter. If the site forces you to be stuck with a default villager because that's the pose they used, they are throwing money away. And people. like me, without the funds to put into the game will not try to save up in order to just throw that money out the door. Especially for people like me who planned to dress up the painties at some point (Since I want a Warrior Warren when it's released, But by making him a paintie before that was an option, I was royally screwed over. And I won't even be able to keep the hours of work spent on him because if they ever release the costumes like they claim they will, now I'll have to start from complete scratch and just urgh)

      My thing is that if they are going to force us to do even more hours of work to re-do our painties for the costumes and we have to buy/make the costumes, and we already have the paintie activated, the least they could do is allow ONE free re-submission if the paintie has to be removed in order to dress them up get them to look like their character.

      In other words, don't make my time and effort completely useless just because someone wants to make their character wear an outfit.

    • Spiritburn you know uploading paintie costs one dollar? its way cheaper than most sites for totally custom pet, most sites ive seen charge around 10 dollars